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Your Livingroom Layout 

Akin and Omos

Option One


The mostly costly design as this gorgeous room is dominated softly by the built in units either side of the fireplace. These offer storage, TV, additional sofa, feature lighting and a clever, wow factor use of the space. 


  • Wow factor designed space with custom storage

  • 1 x 3 and 1 x 2 seater sofas 

  • Every seat have access to a side or coffee table

  • good access and views on entering from either side  of the space

  • Positive flow through the space 

  • Plenty of storage in the fitted units

  • Works well with the existing blind and fireplace 

  • Don't need to move radiators 

  • Good open access from the dining room when entertaining 


  • Most costly due to fitted furniture 

  • Little movement to change the use or position of furniture in future 

  • Unit dominates the space (may make it feel smaller)  

  • Larger rug required as large single zone (more costly and less choice


Option Two


Future proofing the designs this room has free standing furniture so the use or layout of the room can be changes with ease in the future. This also has a variation to add more feature seating / reading area and is the most cost effective of the designs so far. 


  • Current TV position so no changes of wiring. 

  • Possibility to add a reading seat / storage bench with a few additional changes. Radiator and moving sofa forward. 

  • Has good flow and layout for connection to other spaces. 

  • Good storage separated into shelves and TV/media storage 

  • This also creates more of a feature and gives additional work top space 

  • Can be split into 2 zones easily - smaller rug  

  • Good area for family picture wall 

  • Great views down into the garden and dining room for entertaining  


  • TV storage isn't as much as it could be 

  • Doesn't have the same wow factor as a custom designed units 

  • Fireplace looses it's status in the room becoming secondary to the TV 

  • If you go the variation this may cost considerably more to move the radiator and have the unit made. 

  • Not as easy to navigate the space (access)


You could also pull the second sofa forward and add a window/reading bench with storage along this wall near the book case. You would also need to change the radiator for an upright - placed elsewhere

Option Three


This design focuses around the comfortable seating - a mix of love seat, L shaped sofa and floor cushions giving lots of options to entertain more guests and video gaming if played closer to the TV/media area.  


  • Great views and access from both entrances to the area 

  • Wow factor produced in layering furnishing and seating options 

  • Good, clear path through the space. Good flow.

  • Additional storage in shelving for books and zoned media storage around TV area/units

  • 8 possible seats all with good views of the TV area 

  • Lots of wall space making it feel larger and more open 

  • Great use of light from the back of the house


  • Less storage that other designs (favoring seating) 

  • Some people don't like cluttered floor with floor cushions - depends how your family use the space 

  • Fire good central position for when in use giving a homely, cosy feel  

  • Lack of side tables available (and accessorising opportunities for giving the space character/and lighting layers) 

  • Some people don't like L shaped sofas verses the space they take up. 

Option Four


Giving a very obvious double zone here, we have created a small seating/reading area at the back with good lighting, access to bookcase and separate table and lighting. The main living area is then a comfortable intimate area with the fireplace, TV media unit and seating for 5/6 people. Cost effective to produce. 



  • TV area provides adequate seating and reading chair can be pulled in if more required  

  • Seating area for reading or working. With table, lighting and space. 

  • Storage is OK throughout and creates two zones  

  • Lighting good for TV position (no glare reaction) 

  • Good for guests entering from front door 

  • A grown up room this design lends itself to a more sophisticated design pallet 

  • Radiator shouldn't need moving keeping costs down 

  • Freestanding furniture means a more versatile design for future proofing



  • Views not very inviting from the dining room 

  • Flow isn't as pleasing as any of the other designs 

  • Lighting not used from the dining area / back of house too well 

  • More seating could be possible 

My Preference: 

After analysing the designs I can confirm I would go with option two for your space. If budget allows I would add the additional seating area as it adds something unique and some bonus storage. However, if you didn't like the option with the additional storage bench (creating a reading area) or budget doesn't allow, then I would go for  standard options two with a couple of floor cushions from option three added into the design.  I noticed the boys chose sitting on the floor over the sofa on my visit so this is a great addition for them. I do also love option one for it's use of space (organised, sophisticated look) and the storage possibility available. 



The aim with the living room design is to create a light, relaxing, sophisticated space with plenty of seating and comfortable furnishings to allow for the whole family to enjoy the evenings and entertaining. Keeping the fireplace and blinds, we used those as starting points for a design based on light neutrals and brass/gold accents with touches of rich vibrant greens and layered lighting. Dashes of black add definition and the fireplace becomes more of a focal adding a nod to the existing features in the property. 

living room mb.jpg
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