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Your Kitchen Layout

Gemma Harvey

When first looking at your spaces layout we kept a few essentials in mind that were taken from your brief. These began to dictate the best location for certain things - for example for bulk of the kitchen. From here we began to place items and came up with the three best layouts for your consideration before moving forward. Please remember this is NOT the finished room so details and measurements of fine point like the kitchen are not completed and the items chosen in no way represent the final design - this is purely for looking at the layout of space. The main consideration for us were - kitchen access to the utility room, site lines from entering the space and maximising the views and the light.  

Option One


  • Can see feature brick wall on entering

  • Hob, sink and fridge in good positions to each other 

  • Everywhere has good access - great for bringing shopping in too

  • Large utility room (lots of storage and work surface space)

  • space for additional storage in the living area

  • Seating at the island - or option to have double sided for more storage instead 

  • Large open entry to lighten hallway and make room feel bigger

  • Light into the utility area is a plus 


  • Not a very large kitchen in this space  

  • Sink has no views (faces a wall) 

  • Walk through space to WC from the front living room

  • No way of shutting off the hall from this room

Option Two


  • very open feeling space (could add wall units)

  • Seating at bar but still using both sides for storage

  • Hidden door to the utility room is a nice touch

  • Good access / plenty of space to dining 

  • Good access for the shopping into space and for garden area

  • Comfortable play area and large bookcase / storage area

  • Sink has views and plenty of light from above and to the side 

  • Toilet easy to access from all areas as in the hallway. 


  • Hidden door takes away from kitchen space

  • Feature wall practically hidden when entering

  • Hallway will be darker as will utility and WC

  • Smaller utility on both work surfaces and reduced width on left side

  • Oven and hob may not be located in best position but this is limited. 

Option Three


  • Great size kitchen - The largest of all the designs 

  • Built in seating to the breakfast bar making it larger and unique 

  • Good access to and with in all areas/zones 

  • Great play area but no additional storage due to larger kitchen 

  • Great storage in the kitchen using all available space

  • All has great views and uses natural light 

  • Great size utility for storage and work space with toilet which can be slightly larger as kitchen bigger

  • Good open access in to the space - maximising on hallway light


  • Kitchen dominates the space. 

  • WC is further away from the formal living room. 

  • Some do not like the banquette style dining areas 

  • Storage limited in the living area.

Also for your consideration at this time is the over-all concept for the space. How you want it to feel, the sort of patterns and finishes that will be present and a brief looks at colour and style. This is all summed up in a mood board below. 

"For your space we are looking for a stylish, New England look with contemporary twists, clever storage and homely/comfortable feel that still has an air of formality and order about it" 

The Concept 
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