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Mike and Genusha

Your Layout & Concept

Option One - This option has the dining table closest to the kitchen area to create a zoned kitchen/dining side to the room. The main feature of the space being the seating area and the media center which is visible from all entrances. The media center can include closed and open storage including some tall (for ironing board). The music room shows you recommended study desk (shown in it's default position of desk).


  • The dining near kitchen creates good flow and access with food. 

  • Wine and glasses take storage from the kitchen and creates feature

  • Media center is visible from all entrances so feature as requested

  • Wood burner is a part of the living area adding to the cosy vibe 

  • Access and flow is great throughout including to the back doors 

  • Seating area near music room for performances (keyboard)

  • Guest bed for visitors and desk for studying whilst still in family area 

  • Desk gets good light from the window opposite 

  • Kitchen looks over the dining table for good communication 


  • Smaller media unit and seating area to allow for dining area design

  • Study and guest bed makes this room very cramped. Keyboard needs moving to open bed. 

  • Dining table only seats 4 

  • No privacy for guest bedroom or way to shut off music noise when someone else is using the family space 

Option Two - This option has a separate kitchen and then a living/diner which has equal weight in the room. The dining area is small but as it is visible first on entering and the media center is less obvious it creates a balance in the areas. As you are creating a separate office, I have lost the desk and added a smaller double Murphy style bed to create a more spacious music room. 


  • larger dining table seating 6 

  • Wine area is near the kitchen and living area for when entertaining 

  • More specious music room for playing and teaching 

  • A guest double bed which also has storage 

  • A privacy curtain or folding/concertina door to allow guest room and music room to be shut off.   

  • Good access to the dining room from bathroom and back doors when entertaining outside 

  • Cosy and atmospheric dining area with feature lighting, log burner and feature wall 


  • Living area not such a feature in the space 

  • log burner not in the living area 

  • kitchen and dining area are further apart (poorer communication avenues) 

  • Access to the back doors feels more restricted 

  • Less storage in open plan area (more in the music room) 

Option Three - For the last option I have really made the living area dominate the space with more footage given (so more room for seating). This has pushed the seating area back which we have achieved by creating booth style seating against the wall. This is still in the kitchen/diner area created in option one. The music room I have kept entirely as music with some additional storage. *possibly a Murphy bed in the new office which is in a self contained room at front of house so better for privacy too. 


  • Main feature is the larger seating/living area and media unit 

  • Media unit has more feature space and far more storage 

  • More seating in the living area (more options for lying positions) 

  • Wine area is made a feature and bridges the kitchen and dining areas 

  • Dining is for 6 and makes a nice zoned feature area 

  • Access to all interior areas is great due to position of furniture and navigation space placement 

  • Music room is the largest it has been. Has more storage and is more comfortable with additional seating. Light will be better in here as result. 

  • Kitchen and dining good communication and access with food 



  • Wood burner not in the living space (used to balanced the space) 

  • No guest bed or study desk 

  • Access to the back doors less impressive or involved in the space 

  • Dining table less flexible as it will be pretty fixed to that space (it can be free standing through) 

  • This the most expensive design to achieve 

My Preference: 

With the music room I would suggest option three as it offers a much more usable and pleasant space to be in when the room is fairly dark already and you want to be able to concentrate and learn new things. If it is not possible to put a guest bed in the new office (in a self contained room) then I would go for option two. 

With the open plan area I am torn between one and three. I prefer the layouts where the living area is the main feature on the music room side of the space and the connection between the dining and kitchen areas the other. It then depends on what size and configuration you want for the dining space. I would be tempted with option one for the budget and flexibility of the areas.  


With this space we are looking to create a haven of style. With earthy natural tones and contemporary furniture. An edge of industrial style sits on top of a soft pallet and warm lighting with Scandinavian twists. The style will be light in appearance but have a substance and feel grounded by the quality of craftsmanship and relaxed feel of the pieces and layout. 

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