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  • Gina Everett

Trends for 2016

Even though we're still very much looking forward to more autumn and winter designs launching before the season’s end, big trends for next year have begun to emerge.

We want to look at the macro trends for 2016 and give you a heads-up on what’s to come. This is always an exciting time, looking at the new materials and colours we will be working with for the following season.

Past modern

The first of 2016 trends looks at past modern. Ancient and modern movements will converge, bringing the past and the future together. This means the revival of historic items like furniture design and accessorising objects. There will be contemporary takes on traditional patters and shapes.

Colours will include dusty pastels, the ever popular light greys (particularly in concrete), and plum, lilac and soft orange, moving away from the vibrant orange of previous seasons.

These will be complimented with the matte finishes of marble, pewter and grey porcelain.

Munna Rose Armchair

Urban jungle and eco

As always resourceful design and community spirit dominate the season with inclusion of plants and greenery in design. Turning further into Urban Jungle looks, eco design will go a step further. Designers are looking in more depth at bringing the outdoors in, with furniture that can be used outside and inside, locally produced items or locally inspired. We'll be seeing lots of sustainable design as designers and architects try to get nature into all aspects of the home.

You'll see natural materials like clay, concrete, glass and wood being used in a big way. Weaving and recycled plastics will be seen alongside earthy reds and oranges, bold black and key notes of stark white or bright colours like green and yellow.

Elegant fun

The next trend is said to be fun and irreverent, inspired by clothing fashion combined with the idea that the home can be a place for amusement and comfort. Drawing from pop art and the 70s, the trend will see metallic and metals, strong contrasting lines and block colour. You'll see emojis and cartoons appearing in stylistic features. Colours ranging from rich zesty shades, blushed pinks and a few retro ones like vivid blue. Pink will be the defining colour of this trend. We also expect to see geometric tiles and fluid geometric patterns.

Deep texture

And lastly trend forecasters are looking for a rich moody summer, calming and mysterious the trend will be both natural and high tech. Texture is the leading element here, drawing from the deepest parts of the ocean to the uncharted depths of space, we will see minerals and shells, skins and scales playing and manipulating light.

The mood will become dark with midnight tones and indigo blue, emerald green and sparks of yellow and white.

We predict that concrete and minerals will steal the show in 2016 and we look forward to incorporating these new trends into our own designs.

If you require help with a home project or want to arrange a FREE consultation to learn how you can get current and up and coming trends in your home.

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