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More Feng Shui

In interior design we take into account a large range of clients' needs, dreams and beliefs. Recently I worked on a project which included working with Feng Shui. Here I would like to share a few tips on what to look for and what to avoid if you’re renovating your home or perhaps building a new one.

Channelling light

In Feng Shui, doors and windows channel light and energy so the relationship, shape and location between your doors and windows defines the levels and quality of the energy which flows. In a good Feng Shui floor plan your front door would not be adjacent to another door or any large windows. The front door will also not be facing a set of wardrobe doors, the bathroom door or have a wall within less than a couple feet from it.

Our front door is the key to our home, our lives, it’s where we entice favourable energy into our home and as energy goes where our eyes do, it’s best to make your entrance as inviting as possible. A beautiful entrance will entice beautiful possibilities and opportunities into your home and this kind of energy sends positivity rippling through your life.

For the same reasons, windows should always be clean and as free as possible to let light in. Avoid heavy window dressings or dressings that are too small or ill-fitting for the window.

Feng Shui and sleep

The Feng Shui bedroom in undoubtedly the next main factor in making a good, healthy Feng Shui house. Bed placement is the most important design aspect of your bedroom. Avoid placing your bed with your feet pointing at the door (known as coffin position) and avoid placing it in front of or underneath a window since chi energy enters and leaves a room through the windows. If your bed is in this pathway, the chi energy will flow over you as you sleep, causing a restless sleep. Diagonally from a door is the ideal position.

General principles

But the number one most important thing for a healthy life is… no clutter. It’s easy to make this the dumping ground but this is your retreat so it should look like one too.

The location, design and Feng Shui basics of your kitchen are all considered very important in a good Feng Shui floor plan. In fact, your kitchen is part of the so-called “Feng Shui trinity” — the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen — because of their utmost importance for your health and well-being. Make sure you spend special effort in designing comfortable and light rooms to allow energy to flow.

There's lots of easy free advice online to help with the basics in furniture placement and Feng Shui rules so it’s easier than ever to let that positive energy flow and build a happy home to match.

If you would like a FREE consultation to see how we can help create a Feng Shui home for you, call us on 0208 133 0702.

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