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  • Gina Everett


If there’s one interior style you could never go wrong with, it’s the sea-inspired, nautical look. Do you find yourself swooning over white sand beaches and beautiful yachts, traversing crystal clear oceans? The nautical theme in my opinion, works all year around, but it truly proves to be an oasis during the warmer months, bringing that cosy, seaside aura effortlessly into the drabbest of interiors. Here are some tips on how to embrace this gorgeous style and lend a breath of fresh air to your home.


The first step to achieving the nautical look boils down to the colour scheme. An elegant combination of blue and white undeniably looks great, but you can also go a little further with high contrast and a touch of reds for an accent. You can try blue rugs, pillows or curtains in a brilliant white setting and add lamps or accessories of red to perfect this look. If pale blues aren’t your thing, use a combination of dark navy and greys to create a grungy ocean theme.


Patterns are the staple of any nautical interior and the great part is, you have a whole lot of options to choose from. Be it furniture, tapestry, wallpapers or window treatments, they give a fantastic marine appeal to your room. Go for the classic blue and white stripes or expand your colour palette with casual seascape prints. My personal favourite is the white cladding treatment. You can even restrict yourself to it and still give a truly nautical feel to the space.


Make a statement with a strong seafaring element as your nautical decor. Sailing paraphernalia like anchors, helms and elegant ship models make great accent pieces. You can also translate the ocean life into your home with sea creatures and driftwood. Install these as a wall art, put them on a counter or simply hang them from the ceiling! Vintage buffs can use old sailing maps in place of traditional artwork for a chic yet pronounced effect.


Wood and textiles are a perfect complement to any nautical-styled interior. Reclaimed wood that mimics the look of boats and docks weathered by coastal air creates a nice, dramatic effect. You can give a vintage touch to your living space with a rustic console table, woven baskets, or even an antique glass vase, filled with rope. Crates, lobster pots and sailing lamps are all readily available online.


Want to have some fun while creating your dream space? Pendant lamps made out of rope can work wonders. Take that up as an inexpensive DIY project! You can use a subdued nautical star picture to surround a lighting fixture on the walls or ceiling. Lanterns, too work well. They provide ambient lighting that has a charming nautical feel to it, and would also extend your decor.

Nautical interiors are great for sea-lovers to relax in the comfort of their own home. However, the trick to perfect this look is to not go overboard. Beauty lies in subtlety, if you ask me. Use any of the above methods or perhaps even a combination of them, but be very selective!

Want to instil the nautical vibe into your living space? Give us a call on 0208 133 0702 or email for more information.

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