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Yes, it is back en vogue, and how! We have all witnessed the visual interest that a great-looking wallpaper can add to a space. But really, just how imaginative could you get when you love a pattern but don't want it spread along the expanse of a wall? As home decor gradually welcomes wallpaper all over again, we bring to you some cool and creative wallpaper ideas to liven up your space.

CREATIVE STORAGE: Storage is often a dull place that doesn’t get much decor attention. Not anymore. Give those cabinets a nice, personal touch by using your favourite paper for a pretty backdrop. Another way is to dress up your wardrobe. You’d love seeing all the prettiness inside every time you pull it open to dress!

MAGIC PORTALS: Style an arched entryway or vestibule with an elegant wallpaper to make a grand, sweeping entrance. You can also paper a plain old door for an unexpected splash of colour and pattern. This is a great way for pattern-shy people to create an accent in monotonous interiors. STAIR DELIGHT:

Don’t we all love an innovative staircase? Use an eye-catching wallpaper to line your stair risers. Alternatively, you can give a new look to the underside of the staircase with an attractive geometric pattern.

REVAMPED CEILING: Whoever said wallpaper is just for walls. Use it to cover up an imperfect ceiling or showcase a special chandelier! Frescoed ceilings make you look up and hence give the impression of a larger room. Can’t settle on a pattern? Let your furniture be your guide.

WALLPAPER AS ART: Forget papering an entire wall to create visual interest. Frame a nice, oversize scrap to make instant art. Got a bunch of different remnants? Create your own moodboard, abstract wall art or tell a story through an eye catching triptych. As a slightly different take on the idea, you can split a large wall decal with a door, window, or bookcase.

KITCHEN BACKSPLASH: Looking for an affordable way to jazz up your kitchen? Go for a wallpapered backsplash! Not only does it look great but it’s also easy to wipe when there's splatter. You can also use a layer of plexiglass to protect the paper.

GET MORE OUT OF SCRAPS: Add an extra pop of texture to your space by papering small areas such as a console or a glass tabletop. Love books? Back your bookcase with a complementary scrap and make your collection stand out. You can use a bold print to add more character to the wall surrounding your fireplace. And it doesn’t end here. Frugal artists can try everything from wallpapered headboards, window shades and clipboards to switch-plates, boxes and so much more!

The personality that a bold wallpaper adds to a surface is something paint just can’t beat. Besides, you have so many colours, styles, textures and patterns to choose from! While interiors continue to get saturated with the sophistication of minimalism, this versatile and functional element is making a comeback in even the most fashionable home interiors. Got any creative ideas to utilise the good old wallpaper? Let us know @createperfect or email us at

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