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Geopathic stress - What is it?

At Create Perfect, we make sure our customers receive design solutions that are not only aesthetic and functional, but also serve as the perfect embodiment of their beliefs. One of our recent projects in the heart of London involved an unconventional approach to design. The client had a "Dowsing" specialist inspect her home for any adverse effect it might be having on her health. After some evaluation, the rooms ended up with lots of orange dots spotted on the walls, determining where she could or could not perform certain activities. Honestly, the idea was quite intriguing to us and in this post we’ll share our takeaways with you.

Apparently, the place was geopathically stressed. Yes, it's a thing. Geopathic stress is believed to occur when the earth’s electromagnetic field is distorted by natural or man-made factors such as underground streams, geological faults, tunnels, railways, etc. The presumed science for this concept is rooted in Schumann Resonance (SR). The SR frequency of 7.83Hz is touted as earth’s “natural electromagnetic frequency.” Spending excessive time or sleeping in zones with geopathic stress is said to have a negative impact on an individual’s well-being.

So how do you know if geopathic stress is affecting your home? Well, you can get a specialist, as was the case with our client. This involves holding objects like pendulums and taking their swing direction for a yes or no although some say this is linked with the ideomotor phenomenon. Another way is to observe your dog. It is one of the animals that are believed to dislike geopathic stress. Alternatively, cats seem to love it. But then again, take all this with a pinch of salt. Your four-legged friends might even nap in the most bizarre space of your house just for the heck of it!

Geopathic stress is allegedly the cause of all major ailments under the sun. Now, with due consideration to the fact that most of us are laymen in the nitty gritty of physics, that is quite a tall claim. Since time immemorial, people have employed pseudoscientific techniques to heal, flourish and alleviate pain.

My point is, be a sceptic if you can. But as long as something makes you feel good or emotionally satisfied, let it (within reasonable limits, of course). A different spatial design is no exception. Moreover, the idea of environment-induced stress isn’t so esoteric, after all. The fact that your room’s arrangement or geometry can stress you out is perfectly understandable in the domain of psychology. Our brains have evolved to recognise patterns and when a situation is devoid of any, we tend to get disturbed. So the next time you’re unable to get a sound sleep for no particular reason, try and investigate your surroundings. Maybe it is the lopsided painting across the bed that is triggering all the chaos.

As designers, we are constantly on the upgrade. Think geopathic stress might be causing you trouble? You are most welcome to consult us on the possible solutions for your interior. If there’s any other idea you think might help or contribute to a stress-free home ambience, feel free to drop us an email at

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