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Okay so lately, we’ve had considerable demand from our customers for the iconic Scandinavian interior design. And why not? Simple, functional and flawless– Scandinavian homes are an absolute delight to the lovers of purity. Also, the design is unsurpassed when it comes to indoor comfort and serenity or battling cold and dark winters. Today we discuss the widely-admired style and how you can instil the Scandinavian look into your home.

  1. MUTED COLOURS For any Scandinavian style interior, whiteness is a must. Every building element from walls to ceilings and even floors is kept white to create an elegant backdrop. But who’s complaining? The colour works like a charm for nuances and imbues your space with light and openness. So basically, you just have a couple of tones in your palette- a brilliant white or a soft beige. You can also contrast the white with some red, blue & grey and the beige with emerald green.

  1. HONEST MATERIAL Stick to natural or stained wood and silver elements. Avoid carpet. You can go for white wood on the floor and walls for an open, airy and clean room. If a white floor seems a bit too much, use any other light colour such as birch or grey stone tiles. Make sure your doors and windows match with the main colour. You have to be very picky with furniture. It should not only be of high quality, but also speak excellent craftsmanship. Light wood and white linens are always a safe bet and something you’ll never grow tired of.

  1. DÉCOR ELEMENTS While accessorising can really help enhance your Scandinavian interior, it is extremely important to pare it down. Large mirrors–frameless or with an engraved white frame, are essential. Ornamentation is a big NO. Maybe pick up a couple of antiques. You can also shop online for an exclusive Scandinavian-style fireplace or a Swedish clock. Accent pieces in hues of purple or green lend a nice contrast to the light background. Don’t forget some potted plants to bring nature into your home.

LIGHTING- The use of bright light is imperative; the brighter the better. Let in the glorious daylight (and natural views) through floor-to-ceiling windows. For evenings, go for crystal chandeliers and candle-sticks, combined with sparkling contemporary lighting systems. White interiors with silver décor look great with all their glitter amid a bright lighting background.

Minimalism is the essence of Scandinavian design. The style thrives on clean lines, symmetry and understated elegance. But as simple as that may sound, it is quite a task to achieve an equilibrium with the utilitarian and aesthetic nature of such an interior.

Sure, you can paint everything white and throw in some chic décor and Ikea furnishings, but when viewed cohesively, things may not harmonize so well. Also, it is easy to mistake what “clutters” for what “complements.” So just make sure you map your ideas out before putting them on the canvas.

Love the look that the Scandinavian style offers? Reach out to us for a free consultation on 0208 133 0702.

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