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  • Gina Everett


There’s something remarkably stirring about a space that has a voice of its own– A space that boldly fuses a bit of this with a dash of that and yet remains too interesting to be stencilled with convention. This is a situation of eclecticism at its best. It’s hard to discount the fact that we all have a leaning towards variety. Be it music, books, movies, or personal fashion sense, we aren’t necessarily fixated on a single zone, are we? Strictly speaking interiors, an eclectic style is for people who crave a home that speaks to their varied taste. Obviously, it’s also a great choice for those who like to chart their own course and create something that is unique to them. As always, with great styles, come great difficulties.

Go off the cuff, and chances are you’ll end up with a junkyard for a living room. Here’s how you can hit the right note-

#1. START WITH A BLUEPRINT- This is the ground rule for practically all your home design endeavours. Analyse your space before making any purchases. Which furniture position gives you the most comfort? What puts you off? Come up with a layout that ensures livability. And make it as inviting as you can, with function and function alone. The interesting parts are better left as a follow-on.

#2. BUILD A THEME- Now that you have a sketch, fill it in with your favourite colour. Yes, you can take that literally. Love neon blue? Let the shade take centre stage in your design. Remember, your theme will be articulated better through a focal point in your space. Use anything from shapes to patterns and textures or perhaps something that defines you as an individual. Is it those travel souvenirs you’ve been hoarding all your life? Or that vintage artwork that best expresses your quirkiness? Follow your heart with this one.

#3. CREATE HIGH CONTRAST- This step is about taking risks, which is pretty much the whole point of eclecticism. Ever observed a contemporary space gravitating towards the old? Try pairing a farmhouse table with Eames Chair. The interplay of dissimilar elements gives a gorgeous, dramatic impact to an eclectic space. Not to forget, contrast also accents the independent beauty of all pieces. You can blend different colours or finishes, cull furniture items or simply combine your favourite trends for an unexpected dichotomy. We love the majestic Industrial and Scandinavian potpourri!

#4. STRIKE A BALANCE- Let’s get to the trickiest part. How do you pull all the variety in your space together? An easy way to achieve that is to stick with neutrals, so the design doesn’t get lost in several hues. Every feature should be able to hold its own, without being overwhelmed by one piece. One thing to note here­– harmony does not necessitate symmetry. You can create visual consistency with repetition, grouping, or bridging unlike pieces through a common or transitional element. Pairing a modern daybed with Victorian armchairs? Use the same fabric texture for the upholstery!

#5. EDIT- During the whole process of decorating your eclectic interior, you’d often find yourself in a state of “Since I’ve added this, I might as well include...” Tone things down to maximise elements that please the eye whilst giving your room some visual breathing space. Remove a few elements or hide a couple of furniture pieces under white linens to see how the room shapes up. Don’t forget to consider utility before splurging on high-end pieces. It’s always best to spread out costs and upgrade the decor as your taste evolves with time.

The splendour of a well-executed eclectic design is something that cannot be surpassed by one-note interiors. Not only does the space relax and recharge you, but it also allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve through well.. your very own home! We hope our post will help you get started, at the very least. And like we always say, give us a shout whenever you need further assistance.

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