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Some people argue that the bathroom is the dullest and even the most unfashionable room in the home. But we think as it’s one of the places that you spend a lot of your time why not to let your imagination go and turn the space into a hub of style and beauty. This is something we always try to look at with all our clients, recommending that it’s as an area we can push your boundaries to create something truly spectacular.

But it leaves you wondering… what are the trends for the 2017/18 when it comes to bathroom design, to the colours and materials? Want do we want to look for in style and design for your bathroom?

Firstly, we need to remember that 2017 is going to be notable for its return to the organic and the natural. We will see the ongoing fascination we have for exploring the new in the search for the beautifully functional. When starting with our bathroom designs we start with practical and simple arrangements of spaces but add a touch of organic cosiness and elegance. We aim to really let the imagination and creativity go and turn the functionality of the bathroom into something more!!

#1 – Continuity. Our first trend for 2017/18. Continuity provides simplicity and playfulness at the same time. Bathroom designs will be aiming to make life more pleasant and innovative with materials that are easy to maintain and fit but also ensure the stylish and classy atmosphere with straight lines. This will involve the use of the same material being used for walls and floors.

#2 – Nature. Another big hit as we move in to 2017 it will show in the heavy use of stone and brick work, but the most popular materials to get in it to your bathroom will undoubtedly be wood. It will be clear next year that the innovations and research in the usage of this material has taken on leaps and bounds as new fantastic products hit the shelves – look out particularly for wooden baths! Yes, you read that correctly. In a new trend of bathroom materials, we will also start to see Clay coming into our bathrooms. In our cultural history clay is one of the oldest materials used to create vessels for water so this nod to our past is a great and inviting innovation.

#3 – Colour. Through 2016 we have seen dark and moody colours of navy blue and ocean greens impact our interior design world and our bathrooms. Exuding luxury and relaxation these moody colours will continue not just through colour but in materials too with slate tiles being very popular this year. The most on-trend colour of this season, will continue to be our personal favourite, grey, with the classic black and white making a comeback too. The bright, high shine tiles and surfaces will make way for matte, nude and neutral colours alongside the organic and textured materials.

#4 – Pattern. The clean lines called for in the coming years bathroom designs will inspire a variation of geometrical shapes when it comes to the trends in tiling and wall coverings. Possible hints to the Orient will be introduced as seen in other areas of interior design in 2017 trends. The hexagonal shape is a long-lasting trend and will prove again to be very popular moving into the new designs – maybe even popping its head up in our Ideal Home Show room set!

#5 – Composition. When it comes to the size and the shape of our bathroom designs, the composition will be directed at the smaller and more private spaces. We will be looking for the more intimate and minimalist bathroom designs that will become common all over interior design as consumers seek more intimate spaces moving away from the open plan look that dominates in 2016. Small urban apartments will also be a focus and our fittings will become smaller in proportions adding to this craze for intimacy.

Other things to look out for are lighting plans changing from being one main light source to layered lighting becoming the norm. Various fittings will highlight separate areas which will provide more comfortable and cosy feeling spaces. Bathtubs will really stretch the imagination in 2017 with new exciting colours, materials and shapes all leading us to an exciting and innovative year ahead for the humble bathroom.

If you need help designing a bathroom or need advice on colourways or sanitary ware please get in touch or drop down to the Ideal Home Show this November.

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