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5 Surprising Kitchen Trends for 2017

handleless kitchen

Planning a kitchen renovation in 2017? Then this is a must read blog! Discover the favourite kitchen trends of homeowners renovating in 2016 and which features make our list of surprising kitchen trends 2017.

Last week the interior design world was treated to the annual Houzz kitchen trends 2017 survey and it certainly made some interesting reading.

Houzz is a global social networking site, focused on interior design. The UK based survey polled over 3000 people in the UK about their kitchen renovations in 2016.

Having scoured the report, there’s five emerging kitchen trends that change the way we look at kitchen design and function.

Kitchen Trends 2017


Overall the white kitchen is still favourite, followed by grey then beige. The average lifespan of a kitchen before refurbishment is around 13 years. With this in mind homeowners tend to stick to neutral colours that will last the test of time. However there are some bolder choices out there. Grey has now firmly established itself as an alternative to the all white kitchen but the new kid on the block is blue.

Staying neutral with deep, calming tones, blue, was chosen by 5% of kitchen renovators last year. Globally on Houzz, UK users are researching blue kitchens more than anywhere else in the world. We predict we'll be seeing more blue kitchens in 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for a CreatePerfect blue kitchen project - currently work in progress and coming soon to the blog.

The Pantry

If you want a sleek and effortless looking kitchen, storage options are crucial to your design. You’ve simply to got to have somewhere to put all that other stuff! 12% of renovators opted for a pantry room in their new kitchen. Where space doesn’t allow for a full size walk in pantry 40% opted for a pantry cupboard - dedicated storage units with racks and pull-outs for easy access to groceries.

Just look at all that amazingly, perfect organised space! The pantry narrowly followed the kitchen island as the must have built-in option for 42% of renovators. Third on the list was a breakfast bar with 34% of homeowners including this in their new kitchen.

Exposed brick walls

Exposed brick featured as one to watch in our recent blog on interior design trends for 2017. Houzz reported one in ten renovators were incorporating exposed brick into their kitchen designs. A perfect contrast to engineered quartz, a smooth, and easy to maintain surface which was 2016's most popular kitchen worktop choice.

Kitchen with exposed brick wall

Wireless Appliance Control

Quicker, smarter and more energy efficient technologies are making life easier in the kitchen. 12% of renovators installed the latest technology for wireless control of appliances, connecting themselves remotely to their kitchen. Induction hobs are now overtaking gas, whilst uptake for colour touch screens is increasing. We were also surprised to find that 24% of renovators installed a boiling water tap last year. For smaller kitchens where space is at a premium, this is an all in one solution which allows you to get rid of the kettle and increase your workspace.

Wine Storage

It’s surprising to hear that 29% of renovators added built in wine storage to their new kitchen design. In addition to the trend for the pantry and keeping everything in it’s place, wine storage is now an established feature of kitchen renovation. There’s plenty to choose from to suit your new kitchen. Built-in wine racks can hidden away or on display. Wine coolers range from small under the counter models to full size fridges with temperature control to suit the style of your wine and enough room to keep any party in liquid refreshment.

What is the must have for your dream kitchen? Contact us to discuss your kitchen plans.

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