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Get Inspired by National Gardening Week

Next week is National Gardening Week. So whats that got to do with interior design I hear you ask?

In the warmer months of the year the garden becomes a part of our home as we enjoy eating and relaxing outdoors. Whatever the size of your garden, make the most of your outdoors by creating a space to enjoy.

Designing a beautiful garden starts with the same elements as great interior design. These are the existing environment and location, the use of the space, the character of the owners and a sprinkling of imagination.​

Discover National Gardening Week near you

Launched by the Royal Horticultural Society, National Gardening Week encourages people to get gardening. There are lots of events taking place to help novice gardeners get started. From tours of RHS gardens to tips from experienced gardeners. Have a look at the National Gardening Week website to find out what’s on near you. Spring is an inspiring time for novice gardeners. The colour of the new season now starts to break through and it’s still not too late to start on planning landscaping, planting or rejuvenating areas of your garden to enjoy throughout the rest of the year.

Inspiration for your garden on your doorstep

Another accessible source of inspiration for gardeners is the National Open Garden Scheme. The scheme sees gardeners up and down the country open their gardens for charity. You can visit private gardens of all sizes which would not normally be open to the public. The gardens are open at different times of year to show off their best features, whether it is a spring show of daffodils and tulips or roses in the summer.

Visiting local gardens gives an insight into what is possible in your own garden. Its very likely that these experienced gardeners will face the same soil conditions, weather variations pests and problems found in the local area and have found a way to get around them. Plants that are thriving in these conditions are good indicators of what will grow well in your garden too. Visit the National Open Garden Scheme Website to find gardens open near you.

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