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  • Gina Everett

5 Tips To Creating A Sanctuary Bedroom

We all love to get into bed pull the covers up over our tired bodies and switch off the lights to the day - but are you switching the lights off to a bedroom fit to fall asleep in or are you switching the lights off hoping the bedroom fairy will come and wave her magic wand before morning!

purple bedroom in cotswolds guest house, double bed and country windows

Did you know that, according to the sleep foundation, a relaxing environment is essential for a good night's rest? ..studies have shown people simply sleep better when their bedroom is optimized for light and noise levels, temperature, and comfort.

So to help you get your bedroom fit for a good night's rest, we have put together our five top tips on creating a sanctuary all to yourself.

1) Choose your colours well. As you will know, we are currently working through a series on the blog, looking at colour and how it affects us. In this series "Colour On The Mind" you will have already read that Green has a calming effect and is perfect to use in bedrooms. Later you will hear how prolonged long-term exposure to yellow can make you angry and actually wake up annoyed! Blue is another great choice for bedrooms - it evokes feelings of tranquillity. One study by Travelodge found that households that have blue bedrooms received the best night's sleep compared to any other colour.

country bedroom with cottage windows and beams, decorated in green with a cosy vibe and button stool at base of large double bed

2) Soft furnishings are a must when you are creating a haven to relax in. You can make your bedroom feel cosy by using a mixture of fabrics. By simply draping a blanket over the back of a chair or adding a mix-and-match of throws and pillows to furniture, you can create colour, texture, and cosiness in your room with ease. Rugs, window dressings and even lampshades are also places where softer textured materials can be added.

a modern boho vibe guest suite with double bed in greens and oranges, looking through to double crittall door entry to a ensuite

3) Candles create a warm glow and can also add a scent to the air. Our brains love scent and it can easily evoke memory or feelings - so a good scent can really help get the calming feel you're looking for. If real flames aren't a good idea or practical for your home then there are a variety of artificial candles which give off a great warm glow. You can also try adding your candle to a lantern - the addition of the glass is peaceful and magical.

blue master bedroom in victorian family home. A large super king size bed with button headboard and linen feature bedding

4) Tidy Home Tidy Mind! may have heard this phrase before, a tidy home really does equal a tidy mind. There are a number of ways in which clutter can affect your home and your well-being so it is best to keep things as tidy as possible - giving everything a place and only having things in your bedroom that are needed in that room.

Too many elements such as side tables and bookshelves can make a room feel busy and cluttered. Think about what actually means most to you, only add these into your room and the more minimal look will soon make you feel more relaxed and ready to wind down.

a twin bedroom in a cotwolds cottage guest house with yellow and green decor and saxony carpet.

5) Finally of course, finish the look with a plant or two. You might think that plants don't really signify the cosy vibe. But we promise you they can!

Plants add a natural, earthy, and relaxed vibe to your bedroom. They help you create a serene sanctuary for unwinding. Something as simple as cacti on a shelf or bedside table, or a delicate orchid on the window cill can help bring life into your room while also giving you a little pop of colour if needed for your scheme.

a modern contemporary guest bedroom in white and green with faux plants and heavy knit blanket for a fresh clean look but cosy vibes

Now you have the tools, make sure your bedroom is a sanctuary to maximise the good sleep you get tonight.

If you need help with your bedroom design, don't forget you can always give me a call on 07447 067 838 or drop an email to


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