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New Geometrics in Interior Design

geometric in Interior Design Create Perfect

Using geometrics in interior design has always been popular. Right now the trend is a huge. Stripes, zig zags and chevron patterns are appearing all over soft furnishings. Furniture and accessories are boxy and angular, also influenced by the trend. Here’s how to get the look and our pick of the best new items out there.

Inspiring interiors with pattern and architectural form, geometry has a rich history in interior design. The oldest examples are found in tribal art formed from lines. Rectangular patterns in ancient Greek and Roman architecture as well complex repetitive designs in Arabic buildings have all added character to buildings throughout the years. Geometrics add interest to a blank canvas of a building and as such form a strong feature of historic architectural interiors - wooden panelled walls, parquet floors, plaster ceiling patterns and geometric floor tiles.

How to get the geometric look

These days houses are simpler in design. Furnishings and decor add more character to your home than architectural features. Simple lines and patterns formed from triangles, rectangles and hexagons are a way to add interest to neutral colour schemes.

Geometric patterns on walls and floors

Geometrics in interior design are also seen as a modern alternative to floral pattern and accessories. For big impact in a room choose wallpaper or curtains showing off pattern in big spaces. Integrate designs with fine lines and intricate pattern alternatively go bold with strong lines and contrasting colours, like the Cole and Son wall paper featured here.

Geometrics in Interior Design

Image: Cole and Son

Flooring can also add a geometric influence. The pattern of wooden floor boards or victorian hallway tiles are traditional features. Alternatively in modern homes a patterned rug or striped carpet creates a feature.

geometric pattern rug


New geometrics in furniture and accessories

Monochrome is the perfect colour scheme for adding geometric pattern. Add an accent colour for interest in soft furnishings and accessories. Geometric designs also complement metallic colours really well. Metallics is still a huge trend this year. Occasional furniture such as side tables and console tables make the most of the trend with gold or copper angular shapes.

Metallic Furniture

Image: Cuckooland

As does pendant lighting in a hexagonal shapes. For accessories choose boxy vases with strong and architectural plants such as orchids, cacti or cheese plants. For artwork use monochrome typographic prints on the walls.

Geometric vases

Image: Kelly Hoppen

Here’s our pick of favourite products to get the look in your home.

1. Fedro Rug from - £75

2. Small Orbit Vase from Kelly Hoppen London - £40

3. Green Marble Coffee Table from - £180

4. Zoeppritz Legacy Cushion in Cloud from Amara - £103

5. Nordic Geometric Copper Pendant from Made with Love Designs- £79.95

6. Umbra Prisma Mirror in Copper from Amara - £80


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