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5 Ways to add style with tiles to your home

Tiles are a great way to add character and style to your home. With endless variations of colour shape and texture there’s simply so much you can do with them. They can be however quite an investment both in terms of cost and upheaval to your home. Whilst they are not something you would want to change everyday, cleverly thought out, bold design choices will add heaps of character to your home. With this in mind lets look at some clever ways to add style with tiles to your home

add style with tiles

​1. Mix and match

Mixing and matching your tiles with different colours, shapes, textures or finishes is one way to create a real impact.

Narrow tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern here in dfferent colours. This is a really clever way to zone a room. Here it defines the shower area, however it would also work to divide a kitchen diner space. This would also look good as a colour change laid under a freestanding bath.

Herringbone Shower Tiles

Image: Walls and Floors Ltd featuring Ardor Nero Marble Tiles

Mixing patterned and plain tiles creates a feature panel on this wall. which would look great in a bathroom or as a panel in a shower. You could also create this effect to add interest to a kitchen splashback.

Style with tiles wall panel

Image: Walls and Floors Ltd featuring Mayfair patterned tiles

In this bathroom a lovely blue colour theme is used throughout however the main point of interest is the floor which is in contrast to the blue colour block of the wall. Keeping a busy pattern on the floor as a point of focus means it is less likely to overwhelm the room.

Metro tiles in a bathroom

Image: Original Style featuring Winchester Residence Cosmopolitan Lagoon Torus Moulding Half Tiles And Skirting With Breamar Victorian Floor Pattern

Alternatively you could just go for it with this bold pattern clash to make a real impact for a kitchen splashback!

mixed patterned tiles

Image: Walls and Floors Ltd featuring Mingle Brick Jazz Mix Tiles

2. Different Configurations

The same tile can add character in so many ways depending on the configuration it is laid in. Being creative with tile configurations can make a standard tile have so much more impact on a wall or floor.

We’re all used to seeing the subway tile as a standard for a kitchen splash back or shower tile. However look at the impact it has here when laid in a herringbone pattern instead of the traditional horizontal pattern.

Herringbone tiles splashback

Image: Walls and Floors Ltd featuring Rustic Metro tiles

This vertical configuration is one that is becoming more popular recently. Using darker grout colours along with the tile's bevelled edge really helps to create a linear pattern on the wall.

vertical metro tiles

Image: Walls and Floors Ltd featuring Champagne Matt Tiles

In this shower room the tiles have been laid in alternate horizontal and vertical rows creating an intersting pattern which is picked out in the contrasting grout colour.

Grey bathroom tiles

Image: Walls and Floors Ltd featuring Craquelure Steel Tiles

3. Colour Block

Tiles are a great way to add a contrasting block of colour to a design scheme. In addition to this the smooth glossy finish of these tiles adds an impact with texture that you wouldn't be able to acheive with just paint alone. This deep green is one of the 3 colour trends for 2019 which I think will we'll see more of in our homes and looks fabulous in these lovely tiles.

Deep Green tiles

Image: Original Style featuring Artworks Victorian Green Tile

Earthy pinks and Pantone Living Coral is another popular colour trend for 2019. Alongside the grey of these kitchen cabinets, the two strong colours look really good together.

Living coral colour of the year tiles

Image: Walls and Floors Ltd featuring Craquelure Living Coral Tiles

​4. Fake it till you make it!

Tiles are a strong, hardwearing and cost effective alternative to natural materials such as marble. In this recent Create Perfect kitchen design project the large marble effect tiles created a luxurious floor in this spacious kitchen diner.

Create Perfect Kitchen extension project

Would you believe that these are ceramic tiles instead of wood? Easier to care for and extremely durable for high traffic areas of your home such as hallways and kitchens.

Wood effect tiles

Image: Original Style featuring Tileworks Oakwood Brown Wood Effect Floor Tiles

5. Outdoor Tile Style

Here in the UK we are used to seeing patterned outdoor tiles in traditional garden paths approaching doorways of Victorian and Edwardian houses. However I think it is a real shame that we don't see patterned tiles in more outdoor areas.

Add style with tiles to outdoor spaces. These traditional patterns work really well with the vintage furniture and relaxed style of this garden patio area

Outdoor floor tiles

Image: Original Style featuring Odyssey Rococo in Light Blue, Light Grey and Dark Grey on White

Alternatively these modern geometrics would perfectly suit the patio of a modern home.

Patterned outdoor floor tiles

Image: Original Style featuring Odyssey Grande Lewtrenchard Grey On Chalk

Thinking of adding some style with tiles to your home? Contact us to talk through your ideas and make this the year you create your perfect home.

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