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  • Gina Everett

Can your star sign tell you what interior style you like?

I am constantly on the search for new inspiring ways that people look at interior design, to share with you. Clients often find the world of styles and trends a little daunting and aren't sure what their style is or how to achieve it. Its great fun to hear how some people look at this world and how they come to work out their style. Some look to Pinterest or Instagram but sometimes we come across new fun and unique ways.

Together with expert predictions from pro astrologers Francesca Oddie and Sally Kirkman, Wayfair got in touch to tell us about their guide on how to decorate your home based on your astrological sign. They have said how this will ensure that your living space is filled with pieces that are kindred to you and your personality.

Whether you’re a believer in the power of astrology or consider yourself a skeptic, you can’t deny that the year 2020 brings a sense of wonder and mystery, so I couldn't help but want to look a little closer.

I was born in May making me a Taurus and I must say that they have definitely got my style down. Appreciating the finer things in life I do find there is nowhere better for me to show off your taste for lavish décor than my home. I love all manor of indulgent fabrics and materials and I get them in wherever possible, whether that's in cushions and throws or in a gorgeous velvet sofa.

All of this is tied in with a few eclectic artworks and elegant lighting, just as Wayfair predicted. I have Art from my children in most room (yes... I still class it as art), my living room has a number of Art Nouveau pieces including this collection of early 20th century french advertising from Jon (OH - other half).

Moving into other rooms there is everything from modern art in the children's rooms and landings. I am still working on my room but would love something like this against the white walls.

The Wayfair article also said that I would be slightly obsessed with earthy colours.. well most of you know me and that certainly isn't a lie. Most of my walls are off white teamed with natural wood floors. 'Scandi but with clutter' I would call it. I love natural materials like rattan and hemp. But mostly I love plants... another thing the Wayfair team hit on the head. A botanical oasis indeed.

From my living room of palms and potted plants, to my baby's jungle themed nursery and 5 year old princess won't step in a room without noticing my love for bringing outside in.

I can't say whether I am a believer in astrology and all things star signs but this was certainly an interesting find. To check out your own sign you can read the full Wayfair article here. If you're a fellow Taurus and want the look - here are a few of my favorite pieces.

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