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Create Perfect Colour Wheel - Yellow

Decorating with yellow and blue

The primary colour yellow is a strong colour which stimulates the brain. In it’s brightest tones it brings feelings of happiness, sunshine, energy, liveliness, joy and positivity. It can also activate memory and encourage communication.

With this in mind the brightest yellows from the colour wheel are best in areas of the home where our minds are active. Kitchens, living rooms and offices. Avoid bright tones of yellow in the bedroom or snug or you’ll be wondering why you’re up all night and just can’t relax!

Warmer tones of yellow encourage intelligence, optimism, warmth, sociability and can stimulate appetite and creativity.

The stronger the colour, the more it will draw the eye. Unless you have a very eclectic vibrant home, strong yellows are best used as colour accents in accessories, textiles or unique pieces of furniture.

How to decorate with yellow

Hues are the strongest form of colour can be used with equally strong colours from the colour wheel for a bold and uplifting look.

Monochromes - A splash of strong yellow in this kitchen creates a bright point of focus against a black and white background.

Greys - Muted dark tones of mustard and charcoal are perfectly combined in this bedroom with the star of the show being the Sienna bed frame by Feather and Black, upholstered in a grey linen. Using colours from the same tone of the colour wheel allows strong colours to combine flawlessly.

Feather and black bed

Feather and black - Sienna Bed £1,249

Natures brights - Jewel tones of yellow, green, blue, turquoise and teal

Yellow  Heals Sofa

Go bold with a unique stand out piece such as this yellow sofa from Heals which will act as a point of focus in a room. The plush velvet fabric adds to the rich and luxurious feel.

Tints are shades of yellow mixed with white. The paler the colour the easier it is to use across large spaces. Lighter tints of yellow such as pale lemon yellow, through to creams and off whites can be used to brighten large wall spaces and bring a warm yet fresh feeling to a room.

Summer pastels - Pale lemon yellows mixed with candy colours

Pastel metal feather and black bed

Photo: Feather and Black featuring Oliver bed £524.

Off whites - warm whites, woods and natural textures. This look works with classically styled rooms. The colour palette is kept to a minimum using creams and the natural textures of wood and leather

Off white sitting room

To get the look in your home, here's our pick of the yellow furniture and accessories to brighten up your home life.

Yellow colour wheel interiors

1. The Pantry Wall Clock by Newgate Clocks from - £35.00

2. Tangier Outdoor rug from - £49.95

3. Yellow Pom Pom Cushion from Homesense - £22.99

4. Round Yellow Velvet Cushion from Marks and Spencer - £25.00

5. Jansen + Co, My Milk Jug from - £18.00

6. Hay, DLM side table in yellow from - £119.00

7. Pols Potten Yellow Velvet Holy chair in Yellow from £215.00


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