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Creating an inviting guest bedroom

Sometimes master bedrooms can take center stage in your home and the guest bedrooms are all too often forgotten about.

These bedrooms can easily be updated to become inviting, cosy and practical places for you and for your guests. From affordable decorations to quirky/space saving solutions, I've chosen a variety of products to give you some rejuvenation inspiration for the next time you want to spruce up your guest bedroom!

This bedroom is a perfect guest bedroom set up from Norsu Home. With a handy place to pop your belongings, a nice open and inviting feel and plenty of soft furnishings. But a guest bedroom doesn't have to just be a guest bedroom, after all how many times is the bed going to get used. With many of our clients we are seeing the increasing need to multi-purpose a room.

Last week we created a comfortable office come guest bedroom and last year we created a games room (for consoles) with a sofa bed that pulled out to create a lovely second guest bedroom.

When choosing a sofa bed it's important to remember to choose one that's not just comfortable as a sofa but that it comes with a comfortable, substantial mattress. This lovely piece from Darlings of Chelsea is a chaise style sofa bed. Many of these now also come with the added storage box in the chaise. This means you can comfortably pack away the bedding and soft furnishings whilst keeping them on hand when needed.

Thinking about the fact that the room maybe used for several tasks, it's great to choose bedside tables that also don't look out of place as coffee tables or side tables with the sofa. I like these from Ella James. Its open look creates a feeling of space and a nice casual feel that works perfectly. Being wicker, as you will know from our post on trends for 2020, it is also very on trend.

Of course if space is an issue in the room, there are many options for updating your space to give a sleek and comfortable look but still be practical. These leather strap side tables from H and G Designs for example take up a lot less space that your traditional bedside, but still give you the ability to have some bedside unit space for your guests.

As I mentioned when looking at the Norsu Home's room, having somewhere for guest to place belongings like their bag, their coat or cardigan is also a nice feature of a guest bedroom. It can be made a real feature. When you have the space and static bed, it works really well to use a footstool or ottoman. They look fantastic and can be even more practical coming with handy storage. If room is limited a nice chair works, which will also just act as additional seating if you're working with the sofa bed and multi-purpose room.

Again looking to wicker I love this Rattan chair from Cuckooland, who says, its gentle rocking motion will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed - perfect for giving your guests a place to really chill out.

Lighting is key in most rooms. As always we try to work with layers. In a bedroom, this is usually made up of a ceiling light and bedside lamps. With larger rooms and rooms used as a reading nook - you could also include a floor lamp.

I love adding feature lighting here. Something different that gives you room a unique look that your guests will remember. There is so much choice that I will soon be doing a post that looks at this area in more detail but one of my favorites is the Miniform Eclipse Light from GoModern. Made from solid ceramic, with seamless curves, a lovely soft touch and a matt finish. It can be made in a choice of bright and neutral colours to suit your rooms over all style. The subtle light source comes from the bottom part of the elliptical shade.

Of course, no room will truly have that lived in, comfortable and relaxed look without soft furnishings. They add the layers to a bed or room, that stop it feeling flat and uninviting. You can add throws or pillows of varying thickness and textures to create this look, or maybe use it to add a pop of colour or pattern (like this from Sophie Allport) for depth.

There are many other pieces of flexible furniture which can be used in your room to enhance the space. We mentioned already desks, there are desks which are part of the beds, desks which tuck away into units or fold up. The same is said for additional seats and tables but also pieces like mirrors. I love a floor length mirror and its a real luxury to find one in a guest room. This handy piece folds away and can be slipped behind a wardrobe or under a bed or sofa.

And of course, I have to end, as I always do with greenery. The benefits of having greenery in the room is amazing and as you probably already know I love using them in every room of the house. In a bedroom they can have an effect on the air as they absorb and trap some of these toxins and release oxygen, thus actually making the air that you breathe cleaner. These air purifying plants for bedroom can also create a fresh sleeping environment which I am sure your guests would thank you for.

If like me, you find it hard to keep indoor plants alive (especially in a room you don't use everyday) then although they don't clean the air in the same way, quality faux plants give a feeling of freshness and relaxation to a room which still make them totally worth investing in for your space.

Where to buy it:

Puji- Faux Plants

Melody Maison - Ornate Antique Silver Full Length Vintage Freestanding Cheval

GoModern - Miniform Eclipse Light

Darling of Chelsea - Sicily Chaise Sofa Bed

Ella James - House Doctor Nature Side Table

H and G Designs - Leather-strap Table

Cuckooland - Bloomingville Rattan Orinoco Rocking Chair

Sophie Allport - Butterfly Throw

Mint and May - Grey Snug Cushion

If you need further help with your guest bedroom, whether its a concept to work from or a full room design and implementation - feel free to drop me a line on 0208 133 0702


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