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  • Gina Everett

Earthborn discuss Ladybug and other 2023 colour trends

When it comes to colour in 2023 we are seeing some lovely warm colours with some real wow factor tones. There's a richness that's exciting and uplifting in this year's interiors - like this Humpty Dumpty from Earthborn.

A rich yellow paint for bolder walls
Humpty Dumpty - Earthborn Paints

In this post, Earthborn discuss Ladybug (their colour of the year) and other 2023 colour trends as 2023 progresses.

Lady Bug is a beautiful earthy burgundy colour that we have fallen in love with. It has brown undertones that exude a calming sophistication and warmth. Shades of red and burgundy have a powerful effect on the human psyche and this is no exception. It's a winner's colour, the tone of attraction and is seen as a powerful hue that also symbolises ambition so let's get started as we discuss things further with Earthborn paints.

How did the Ladybug colour come about?

"All our colours are inspired by nature, and our colour names are lovingly chosen to help evoke a memory or feeling. ‘Lady Bug’ is a playful twist on the English name of the insect ‘Lady Bird’. Most of us will probably have a childhood memory, of playing outside in the summer, spotting a Lady Bird and being fascinated by its red colour and spots adorning its back"

A rich burgundy red with brown undertones
Lady Bug - Earthborn Paints

Why was it chosen for the colour of the year 2023?

"Rich, natural hues are set to take over the interiors world – perhaps it’s a need for comfort with its cocooning effect – or maybe we’re just all ready for a change from the dominant pastels we’ve seen in homes and on catwalks over the past few years (though we must admit, we still love these!).

We’re getting braver with our interior choices and realising how many colours can make an impact on our emotional well-being – especially now that a lot of us work from home too. Ladybug is the strong and bolstering hue that we all need this year"

Ladybug paint used on a bedroom feature wall
Ladybug - Earthborn Paints

What rooms do you imagine it works well in?

"The beauty of Lady Bug is that it will impress in all rooms from contemporary kitchens to stately drawing rooms. This richly toned burgundy has perfectly blended undertones of red and purple, making for a highly versatile colour choice for any room"

What colour(s) do you think works well with it?

"The beauty of neutrals is that they go with just about anything. So, it’s unsurprising that they perfectly complement our Colour of the Year, Lady Bug. Consider pairing Lady Bug with our ever-so-soft beige Donkey Ride or dreamy cream Ballet Shoe. This tonal palette will work in any room, especially a living room where you want to create a warm and inviting space for guests"

A stripe of ladybug blocked on a white wall
Ladybug - Earthborn Paints

"For a bolder choice consider crystal clear, Caribbean blue The Lido. When used together The Lido adds a playful touch to the otherwise intensely sophisticated hue Lady Bug. Similarly, Polka Dot is equally as complementary, but a slightly softer way to achieve the same effect.

To use in a scheme, consider saturating walls (and ceiling if you’re brave!) in Lady Bug and add accents of The Lido or Polka Dot in the form of colour-blocking or contrasting woodwork"

Can you comment on the 2023 trends in paint colours or how they are being used, how may it differ from last year?

"As mentioned earlier, this year we predict a move away from the pastel hues which have dominated fashion and interiors in the past years. We are seeing a lot more rich, red earthy shades like Lady Bug as we all look for ways of creating more comforting homes. With colour confidence, comes new ways of decorating. We expect to see people experimenting with painting borders and arches in a more free-spirited way than ever before"

What has already become popular in purchasing choices for 2023?

"Neutrals continue to be popular, our best-selling White Clay, Marbles and Flutterby These hues provide an ideal backdrop for shades of greens, pinks and yellows that we’re seeing pick up popularity this year already. Humpty Dumpty is a sunshine yellow that radiates positive energy making it difficult not to smile in its presence.

White Clay Paint - a relaxing hue for this bedroom wall for a paired back look
White Clay - Earthborn Paints

Greens remain a firm favourite with Sapling and Sunday Stroll both continuing to be really popular. Although we predict a move away from pastels, our Cupcake and Rosie Posie shades are increasingly popular amongst Earthborn fans which means there is no love lost yet with our pastel pinks"

Concept board showing Rosie Pink paint from Earthborn paints
Rosie Pink - Earthborn Paints


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