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Getting the perfect winter coffee tablescape

As Autumn gets into full swing it's a great time to update your home decor to add some warmth. A coffee table is an ideal place for decor that can be changed seasonally, they are generally things that are easy to store (or find other homes for) and it's a place most guests will see when they visit.

When it comes to the fundamentals there are a few things we always have to think about to make the tablescape work.

- The first is height. Ensure you vary the height of items for a comfortable look.

- The second is materials. I like to mix materials some things sharp and angular other things soft and more organic like florals or wicker and grass pieces.

With those things in mind, here are a few tips and recommendations on the items you could use to create the perfect tablescape this Autumn.

Coffee Table

The central and key element in the coffee tablescape is, of course, the table itself. And nothing says Autumn quite like a warm wood. With its warm colour tones and earthy charm, I like to go for an elegant country-feeling table like this from Sweetpea and Willow.

If you have a more rustic country look, Scandi or industrial-styled room then you may want to consider something a little more delicate like the Elm table from Shimu or more modern, the empire from Boca do Lobo.

Autumn Greens

Essential to all my designs you will see Greenery. A coffee tablescape is no exception. However, in spring and summer, this would be with floral displays and splashes of colour. In our Autumn tablescape, however, I aim for something a little more on the Autumnal tones. This can be drier than I would put elsewhere.

The main objective here is to get something with more organic shapes and forms than usual. The height too. I like to use natural plants on my coffee tables as it gives a more natural feel to the room as a whole and means I can change them regularly.

However, there are some fabulous options for artificial displays now. These are worth the investment as you can use them year after year. The bouquet colours and plants used can be based on the overall style and look of your room.

The Container

We then always look to add a container of some kind. This is usually open at the top and can include bowls, vases or bottle sets. This offers a feeling of openness and invitation to the room and to the display which makes people feel more comfortable.

Remember to play with the heights. I usually like something shallower here as my florals give the height - so a bowl like this from pro cook works really well.

..But there are lots of ways you can balance the shapes, textures and colours using this element of the tablescape.

The Talking Piece

Something interesting - something different. Something that may get people talking.

Things your children have made, something you have made, and antique objects like cameras or magnifying glasses have all worked well for me in the past. In the spring and summer, I chose things like Coral and then I swap this out around Autumn time.

You can place your item on a book or a tray for getting the symmetry and depth needed.

There are endless options here but here is a couple I have seen recently and would use myself.


A coffee tablescape wouldn't be complete without coffee table books. Stacking 3 or 4 books makes the table collection feel more structured but also breaks up the single objects' look. It also adds visual interest and can be a talking point for guests.

These can be based on personal interests for a lived-in feel or can be more for the general look and overall feel of your home for a styled designed feel to the space.

Hopefully, there is enough here to inspire your Autumn/Winter coffee table, but if you're having trouble do get in touch as we offer a 1h tablescape consultation which may be of help.

Links to all products can be found below.

Gisela Graham - Metal Gold Bowl


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