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How to create a botanical feeling bathroom

Botanicals are huge right now and have been for a little while. We love timeless designs that have some longevity so you don't have to consider if it's going out of fashion next month.

As you know, we love greenery in all our rooms and designs at Create Perfect, but one room that stands out with this botanical design is the bathroom.

Here are a few ideas you can use or take for inspiration when creating your own botanical bathroom.

Whilst white isn't essential to botanical design, it can work amazingly well in botanical bathrooms. White is linked with cleanliness so it's nice to feature in your bathroom somewhere. White bathroom suites are timeless and work incredibly well.

You may also like to consider white tiles which help keep a space feeling light and airy and are very easy to clean. You could paint walls white and have a botanical wallpaper on one wall or go for botanical prints in wooden or black frames (depending on the underlining style). Just remember when you hang wallpaper or pictures that they can be damaged by moisture. I like to use decorators varnish to help protect it.

Botanical comes from botany, which is the study of plants. That makes green a logical choice for these rooms - whatever room you are working on. Some ideas on getting green into your room include painting a green wall or using green floor tiles, painting your woodwork green (like Carley Stenson did in her recent bathroom remodel), going for green murals or wallpaper, and finally, you could opt for green bathroom accessories like handwashes or watering cans.

Copper goes so well with green, this is another good design choice for these rooms. Copper itself turns green when exposed to moisture. I have seen everything from copper wall art, exposed copper pipes, Victorian-style copper fixtures and taps, or copper accessories and lighting. All worked really well. With a statement like this, less is more so go for one or maybe two key pieces only - unless maybe hard industrial style is in the mix.

A botanical design for any bathroom would not be complete without plants or plant prints of course. It is the heart of the design style. We usually use a combination of the two to add extra depth and texture.

You don't even have to stick with real plants and plant art - plant images can be added in shower curtains, wallpapers or even in the tiles (like the image below).

When looking at the plant display itself, you can experiment a lot with the planting. Mixing heights, just like with accessorising anywhere and with anything, varying heights is a must. Climbing plants can work for awkward corners or on shelving and hanging plants can work around shower stalls or over baths.

Again, like with the wall finishes, ensuring the plants you choose can handle the damp environment and can be easily controlled and looked after is important too.

Another idea for a botanical bathroom is to add some natural materials. It adds complementary interest, colour and texture. Think of sisal bathmats, hessian or wicker blinds and natural-coloured towels. In larger pieces, you could go for a rattan chair with a linen cushion.

Depending on the overall scheme and feel you’re working with, introducing wood into a botanical bathroom can work really well. Wood and plants go together in nature so can work in your bathroom too. Wooden floors are the obvious choice here but you may consider wooden shelving, a wooden vanity or even a wooden frame for your pictures. This can also be taken more tropical looking by using bamboo. We recently worked on a eco-friendly project where the clients were big on using sustainable and environmentally friendly products, as well as greenery, throughout their house. We put in a full bamboo floor through the ground floor - it was stunning. I look forward to sharing pics.

Here is a little taste of the accessories you could consider for your own botanical retreat.


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