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How to design a bedroom for children

*Affiliate Disclosure - Please note that we professionally review our products and only recommend products we would use in our projects or recommend to our clients, we do however work with affiliate programs and may receive compensation for our reviews.

This week we have definitely noticed things are getting a little warmer as we approach Spring. One thing that tends to come with Spring - is babies. With another nephew on the way (that will be 6 for us now!) we wanted to give you a little inspiration for a spring nursery or kids' room.

Over the past few years, the effects of lockdowns have still been a big part of our lives and the number of newborn babies and pregnancies has risen. We have looked at a selection of baby/kids' room products to give you some interior inspiration.

Colour Schemes

With nurseries, we try to stay clear of yellow and bold colours and try to opt for calming, relaxing colours that promote good sleep and that evoke calmness and clarity. Our top to consider would be cool greys, soft whites and muted greens. For something with a little more life or to work with a theme, try subdued blues and dusty or pastel pinks. Soft-hued pinks are welcoming and can create feelings of warmth, serenity and calm so are top of our list today.

Multifunctional and clever storage

These days most nurseries are also paired as offices or guest bedrooms so having something multifunctional is best. There is a range of ways to do this - from keeping the scheme fair and neutral to future-proof it, or to comfortably turning it into an office for calls during the day... Or you could opt for multifunctional furniture.

Beds with extra features are a great space-saving idea. They can come with desks, wardrobes, drawers, extra beds and much more. Another great idea is these sleepover cushions... a handy mattress and pouffe all in one. This squidgy thing folds out into a comfy sleepover mattress, stashes flat under the bed or piles back up into a squishy pouffe for playing day-to-day or storytime.

Loaf - sleepover cushion

Talking about clever uses of space, nurseries generally need books and one thing is always going for in nurseries is a wall-hung bookcase. This ensures the books are all visible for easy choosing, but also can be hung at a height that's good for kids - whilst not taking for the floor space.

This one is from Tidy Books and has the great feature of also being able to be customised so it can give a personal touch to your child's room.

Textures and pattern

Although it is sometimes hard to balance adding texture and pattern to baby or toddler bedrooms is key for interest, fun and a nice designer finish to your look.

In the bedroom we are looking at, we have added texture in cushions and some greenery. You can also add rugs, window dressings and wall coverings as well as plush toys or bean bags and blankets.

Greenery and animals

For a feeling of life and vitality, we love to add greenery. I know this can be a little controversial in babies'/kids' rooms due to little fingers ..but they add life and it is proven that they help reduce stress and anxiety. They can also help lower blood pressure, feel calmer and self-aligned and lower heart rates making people feel happier and calmer - perfect for kids!

Animals are great for kids' rooms too. You can go full theme or just add a few touches. They love animal faces and forms and animals are often one of the first things kids get to know and explore. They are great added in wall coverings, rugs, artwork, soft toys and lighting.

The lighting we have been looking at is this infant deer lamp from Nedgis. It has a pleasant delicate twinkle.

We also added animals to this wonderful wall-covering Deer Forest mural by Kikki Belle at This is made to measure for your exact space and has delicate tones which work with pink (and the other recommended wall colours above) and give a relaxed sense of adventure and nature which works in any season.

Whatever theme or style you go for, keep with these basic rules in colour schemes and accessorising, and you're one step closer to getting a calming, relaxed space for your child - which is not only on trend but will be practical and inviting too.

We have put together a great scheme below to get you started, but if you have trouble sourcing items, do check out the Amazon Baby Wishlist - making it easy for friends and family to purchase the things you really want.

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