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  • Gina Everett

How to get the boutique hotel look at home

We are all feeling the strain this year and having a place to retreat to in the evenings, somewhere you can relax and unwind is really important. Boutique hotels are made to wow, and based in luxury, so they are a great place to take a little inspiration and give your bedroom a revamp. But how do you create that look?

Start with your Colour Scheme

Choose a statement wallpaper, ideally something featuring a strong colour that can be pulled out and used in the rooms other finishes and furnishings. Wall papers are used in abundance in boutique hotel rooms. They bring texture, interest, wow factor and depth to your space. If you’re looking to work with wallpaper, the main point is to chose something you love - a little like art work, it is a very personal choice. And don’t be afraid to hang on all walls, especially if it's a more subtle design or gently textured look.

I generally opt for soft, easy-neutrals as the base for a boutique hotel-inspired space. My go-to colours include off whites, mushroom, greige and soft champagne or golden hues depending on the over or look you are trying to acheive.  You could of course also choose a deep dark scheme using bold purples, navy blues or burgundies.

Neutrals create a soft relaxing atmosphere. They are grown-up, elegant and much easier to live with. Darks are enveloping and intimate. Offering a cosiness. I would suggest avoiding yellows, oranges and reds which are all colours that can cause agitatation in moodes and stimulate the mind (the opposite to what we are looking for).

Layering materials and textures

From bedlinen to the throws and cushions, boutique bedrooms have plenty to layer. I would suggest mixing sumptuous finishes such as sheepskin, silks and velvets with metals and glass for a luxe look.

Don’t hold back when it comes to cushions. Each bed will have two pairs of new pillows and then several (4-6+) cushions. Chairs would have additional cushions. Add depth to the layers with subtle metallic finishes in your cushions, throws, curtains and even the rug. 

Whilst I love wooden floors and the clean look, you really need carpet if you’re going to create that luxurious boutique feel in your bedroom. Flooring has real impact on the overall atmosphere of a room and a deep shaggy carpet is definitely a winner here. Look for a good Saxony.

Same goes for window dressing. Thick, floor-length curtains have a timeless look that exudes hotel style. Go for curtains (1 or 2 pairs) over blinds or shutters. The heavier your overall look, the more luxurious the feel. Layer materials here too. Velvet for the top curtains, maybe some whispy voiles underneath and cotton, textured blinds in your neutral base colour. The key to getting them right is choosing heavy but quality material that hang well. Hanging them on a concealed track also means they look neater and look more expensive. If you want to hang sheer curtains behind your drapes for privacy, look for double-hung rods - sold at many retailers including John Lewis and Ikea.

If you have the space then chaise, ottomans and chairs, these make a boutique hotel room. Classic hotel bedroom pieces, they are worth investing in. They look luxurious, particularly in rich fabrics like velvet or linen, can add pattern and texture through their cushions, and can help with the functional needs of a room.

Luxury isn’t just about how something looks though, it’s just as much about how it feels so think about the things you touch in your room (think light switches, door/cupboard handles, bathroom tops) and get the most luxurious/quality feeling that you can. This is also another reason why carpets and curtains are such a winner. It feels good opening a heavy dramatic window treatment.

Add further textural variation by adding extras like blankets to the bed (especially welcoming as the temperature drops for Autumn), oil canvas artworks and greenery or floral arrangements (real is better on this occasion).

Create the mood with ambient lighting

This element is so often overlooked but is important when it comes to styling your room. Luxury hotel rooms are all about the atmosphere - so you’ll never find a lonely pendant hanging on the ceiling. Hotel lighting is ambient and romantic, somewhere you can really be creative. To do this you’ll need lights at varying heights, oozing softness.

Lamps with shades work best because they softly diffuse the light - exposed bulbs are a no-no when you're looking to relax. Make sure you think about task lighting too... where you put on your make-up or reading in bed, and plan accordingly.

LED lights can also create that magical glow so if you can afford to highlight any shelving or architectural features, behind the bed maybe... then that gains you extra points.

Again, the scale is key so don’t be afraid to go tall with your bedside lamps to match/balance any opposing headboard and instead of spots, finish with a statement pendant or chandelier (on a dimmer) to complete to a ‘wow’ factor look!

Luxe it up with the bed and headboard

Always, always, always go for white bedding. I can't say it enough. It promotes a sense of purity and will always be in style/on-trend and complement any scheme you may have in the future.

From here layer up with the cushions and throws, all in varying tones of the same colour to create a luxurious and soothing feel.

Brabbu Design Force

The bed (and headboard) should be the focal point of your scheme. Drama and opulence is certainly the most key aspect of this and is often done through scale. You can either go oversized and extra tall on the headboard or low-level. Low-level headboards span across the back of the bed and beyond - sometimes across the whole wall. These can also make a shorter room feel longer. Some artwork above always finishes the room nicely. Take inspiration from our Pinterest board on Boutique Hotel rooms.

We spend 25 years of our life asleep, on average, and these hotel owners and designers know that a quality pocket-sprung mattress and bed linen with a high thread count makes all the difference to how we feel when we slip between the sheets. That's why they feel so great and make us want to take the look home in the first place. So consider upgrading your current set so that the luxurious feel of your bed matches the look!

Beautiful upholstery denotes the classic luxury and elegance. Deep buttons, studding and sectioned headboards always have great appeal so make sure you allow a large bulk of the budget to go on the bed and that it's done well.


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