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  • Gina Everett

Top 3 Interiors Colour Trends for 2019

Leading on from the Pantone Fashion Colour Trend forecast here are my predictions for the colours that we'll see much more of in our interiors this year.

Forest Green

For the past few years the dark decor trend has been a leading influence in interiors in pictures all over Instagram and Pinterest. The colours of choice being Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue, Off Black or Railings. But move over as deep green is the new dark blue. Forest Biome - a rich deep tropical green features in the Pantone AW 2019 Colour trend report and as we’ve seen before it doesn’t take long before the colours which lead in fashion appear in interiors.

2019 interiors colour trends tiles

Image: Original Style featuring Artworks Victorian Green Tile

Forest green is already fixed on the interiors radar as the tropical and botanical trend is still going strong.

2019 interiors colour trends

Bold tropical wallpapers and houseplants bring elements and accents of the colour into the room but now the colour is being used in a strong colour block as a background to maximalist decor schemes with opulent velvets, metallic finishes and pattern to fill a room with character.

Forest green colour trend

Image: Sofology

As well as the bold opulence of maximalism, this deep green makes a lovely background for the warm neutrals which appear in the other colour trends which I have picked out. The warm pink earthy tones of this rug work really well here.

Green dining room

Image: Cuckoolnad featuring Feike Tile Pattern Rug in Pink

This shade of green also works well when paired with neutrals such as off whites, greys and beige.

Deep green walls

Image: Annie Sloan featuring Amsterdam wall paint and Bilbao cushion

In a recent Victorian home renovation by Create Perfect the bedroom wall was painted in Valspar Nordic Forest.

As this picture appeared on instagram Gina received a deluge of comments and direct messages asking us what the colour the paint was.

This shade of green is also the perfect shade to mix with gold and brass which are making their way back into the kitchen and bathroom in the form of taps and other hardware such as handles and light fittings. It looks great here combined with warm wood, marble and brass.


My next colour pick is Beige. Beige has such a retro vibe. In the days of my parents before the internet fed us with interiors inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram my mother had a well known formula for interior decorating which was simply to, “Paint it Magnolia”.

Beige bedroom

Image: Zara Home featuring SS19 Bedding

This warm off white shade was simply everywhere in our house. Well maybe she was on to something.

2019 beige interiors colour trend

Image: Amara Living SS19 Collection

I remember the colour I painted the first home I moved into, it was Dulux Natural Wicker. Following that when I moved into the first home that I bought I painted it in Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin if you look them up you’ll see they are both essentially posh names for Magnolia.

Beige bedroom decor

Image: Amara Living SS19 Collection

Beige didn’t go out of fashion for years because it works perfectly well with most people’s desire for a calm and coordinated home. It faded away as TV interior designers appeared on the scene to tell us we needed more colour in our lives. American interior designer Nate Berkus said “Trends are there to make people feel badly about what they don’t have”

So whilst people have had a lot of overbearing dark colour in their homes, here again we swing full circle from the dark interiors back to the light with beige.

Beige bedroom

Image: Zara Home featuring SS19 Bedding collection

The reappearance of beige echoes other lifestyle trends that we’re seeing at the moment. As with the earthy pinks and the green it reflects a connection with nature. This time to the warm tones of earth and wood. We see more sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo and rattan as well as a return to natural stone and marble in use in design schemes reflecting a connection with nature.

Beige living room accessories

Image: Amara Living featuring SS19 collection

The slow living movement which makes time for mindful pursuits such as crafts and gardening has led to an increased interest in hand crafted homewares such as ceramics and macrame instead of simply buying functional homeware items from the high street. As well as this houseplants are everywhere. Beige is the perfect background colour to a more simple, natural and rustic life.

Earthy Pinks

The terracotta trend shows no sign of letting up anytime soon! To complement the beiges there’s warm soft pinks with a more earthy tone than the bubblegum of millennial pink we’re used to.

Soft pink bedroom

Image: Zara Home featuring SS19 Bedding collection

With Living Coral as the Pantone Colour of the year and Dulux creating Spiced Honey, another natural earthy shade, the tone for colour is one of feeling secure and being enveloped by warmth and nature.

Deluxe Spiced Honey

Image: Dulux Spiced Honey Colour of the Year

A whole range of shades are appearing in this colour trend palette from light peachy pink and browns to the earthy deep red of terracotta and rich plum shades too.

2019 interiors colour trend pink

Image: Sofology featuring Stratford Sofa

This is a big warm hug of a colour which works well in colour blocks across large spaces. It's a good colour to try if you want to start to add colour into your home. Farrow and Ball's Setting Plaster or Sulking Room Pink work well with warm off-whites. If you are braver try teaming it with the darker tones of terracotta or plum for a bold and impactful colour block effect.

Pink bathroom tiles

Image: Original Style featuring Spring and Tor tiles

I'd love to know if you're a colour lover celebrating the strong colours in this season's trends. Or alternatively you may be a minimalist simply breathing a sigh of relief to see beige back on the block again. Let me know in the comments.


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