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5 Innovative products to make a mums life easier

As you know I am a mum, to my 5-year-old princess, Evie and my newest addition, Amelia, who is now 6 months old. I haven't really had to baby proof the house as it's always had to be that way for Evie. However, with the self-isolation, there are a few things that have made life at home much easier this past few weeks. I wanted to share a few of my favourites and hopefully, they will help you too.

This is one of my most recent purchases and is definitely going to get used more and more as the year progresses. Tesalate is an Australian company selling innovative beach towels. Whether it's the picnics in the garden, drying after swimming lessons or a visit to the beach, this makes life easier in so many ways. We are usually rushing around like headless chickens to get packed up and the vibrant, beautifully designed beach towels are made from cutting-edge fabric technology. They repel sand which is great for anyone and the towels are made with AbsorbLite™  fabric making it compact and light, so it's perfect for keeping the bags as light as possible. It rapidly dries compared to regular ones too, yet it can absorb at least 1 (33 oz.) litres of water.

Big in America they have just started in the UK but no way I would go back to crumbs at the picnic or sandy, heavy towels ..for love nor money.

The next thing on my list and probably the most used is our Sofa Topper from Lounging Hound. A really innovative product for any home with children or pets. I had been looking for something like this for some time. Available in Lustre Velvet, Plush Velvet, Luxe Velvet and Wool fabrics, they are all ‘smart fabrics’ which have a stain and moisture-resistant finish. This means that most spills and stains can actually be wiped off the fabric with a damp cloth keeping your furniture looking newer for longer.

These clever but beautiful velvets are made from 100% polyester. They still retain the soft feel of velvet and look fantastic on most sofas but they are also far more resistant - simply wipe clean for most stains - even ballpoint and felt-tip pens which is amazing with a five-year-old who has drawn on almost every surface in the house! The fibres in the polyester velvets are less likely to become crushed or displaced over time too.

Unlike my new sofa, the fabric can resist water-based spills for a period of time, so if you catch a spill in time, you can simply wipe it off the surface of the fabric without it sinking in. Very helpful too, the Topper can go in the washing machine.  Even more great news, as if finding this product wasn't enough.. if you sign up to their newsletter, you will receive a 10% discount code for your first purchase.

Eco Warrior is an educational game teaching children (age 5-12) how to take care of the planet, their home and belongings. At 5 Evie really needs this and with the self-isolation, this has helped to keep her busy whilst helping me to keep a little more on top of the house.

With engaging rhymes and colourful illustrations, Evie has enjoyed me hiding her cards to find every few days, adding to her list of things she can do to save the planet. The company mission when creating this game was to empower children to take charge and instead of being victims to climate change, become part of the solution. At Helpful Kids, they've been empowering children with domestic life skills and because they are passionate about fighting climate change, they wanted to harness their expertise in teaching children domestic life skills but extend it to benefit the environment, as well as the children's well-being, confidence, character development, daily habits and ability to make a positive impact. As Greta Thunberg so aptly said: No one is too small to make a difference and Evie certainly loves knowing she's doing her bit. She has even taken the bathroom cards and stuck them to the bathroom door to help herself and others in the house remember (so sweet).

Each card is size A6 and is made from a durable recycled card (350mg). Of course, it also helps that she has a reward chart and stickers so she can track her progress - another bonus.

Now, most of my day is generally clearing up after our activities. Whether it's some homeschooling imaginative play, PE assault courses or just her free time with toys and dolls - there is generally a whirlwind of a mess afterwards.

In steps the Play and Go Storage Bag from Bobby Rabbit. The bags open out to become a play mat with some gorgeous prints - from classy Candy Stripes to superheroes and space themes. When you're done you just pull the pull cord, the toys move into the centre and you have a lovely neat bag of toys. This can then be put in the bottom of a cupboard, into a storage unit or hung on a hook to keep the floor clean. With my vision mostly impaired holding a baby it's great for little bits like lego and a nice quick tidy up at the end of the day.

When it comes to keeping things clean with everyone at home, it's a little more difficult than usual. A nice morning with the kids in childcare has gone and an evening where I am not flat out exhausted from homeschooling, entertaining, cooking, feeding and tidying, is a thing of the past. So going up at the end of the night and seeing the basin covered in toothpaste is a personal bugbear of mine. The Jumbo Jr Faucet from Yellow Octopus (or Red Candy if you live in the UK) is great. They are great for teeth time, helping to make it a little more fun and ensures little ones can reach the water when needed. This also helps to encourage one of the Eco Warrior cards (on saving water) as you need to turn off the tap when she isn't using Jumbo.

That should be a few things to keep you going but if you have anything different that's getting you through the days as a 'mum on lockdown', please do share.

Where to buy...

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Bobby Rabbit - Play and Go Storage Bag

Yellow Octopus - Jumbo Jr Faucet


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