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  • Gina Everett

Top 5 Desk Lamps For Home Offices

When it comes to the office lamp we are looking at three things - how it lights your space, how much space it takes up on your surface and how it fits with your aesthetic.

The lamp that works best in all three areas has to be a winner for us so let's look at our top 5 desk lamps for home offices.

This lamp's aesthetic has to be the number one choice when it comes to vintage designs and gentleman's offices. If your office has dark woods, some brass and an overall moody look then we love this option.

The light output on this lamp is also excellent. It lights the work surface really well and is controlled light due to the shape of the shade. It adds to the overall effect of the room's design but also means you create a more intimate well-lit area for concentration.

However, this fitting has a larger bulky base and overall appearance. This doesn't really matter with the sort of rooms I would expect to see it in as they would require large wooden desks but any other aesthetic may not work well.

For more modern-looking offices there are more high-tech options which are also more streamlined.

This modern lamp is compact in terms of the space it takes up - but also what it does take up in area, it uses to complete other functions.

The base is actually a wireless charger, has a USB port and controls for the other cool functions you get with this light.

It has 6 brightness levels a variety of colour temperatures, a timer and also 270

degrees of movement in the arm.

All around this is a beautiful light that fulfils a number of purposes, looks great in a range of styles of offices and doesn't take up much workspace. One that's at the top for us.

The Salpit lamp has a more universal look which works with a lot of office styles but also for offices where the desk may not be the main feature or use of the room - maybe a guest bedroom/come to study, or a room like below where we added a study desk into the corner of this formal living room.

A Victorian living room in Hague blue with wood furniture, chesterfield sofas and industrial accessories
Claire's Living Room - Create Perfect Full Home Project

This adjustable bright lamp has 4 USB charging ports, is touch activated and has 8 light colours and 3 modes ( Flash / Strobe / Fade ) and has a great aesthetic so a great choice for day-to-day use not only in an office but for whatever other use the room may have.

This little lamp has an eye-protection function. It's wonderfully gentle on the eyes, but without harming or straining your eyes. No dazzle, no flicker, no shadow. Ideal for reading, studying, writing, drawing, crafting, and working. This is something we love in our desk lamps.

The lamp has a touch switch designed to work with three dimmers: One touch for low, Two touches for medium, three touches for high, and four touches for off. The reading lamp has a large rechargeable battery, which will last more than 35,000 hours!

The lamp holder attached to the magnet ball can be rotated at any angle which makes it very versatile. Since the lamp is detachable, you can not only use it as a light on your desk but also remove the lamp and use it as an impromptu flashlight or use the extra sticky base and attach it to any wall lamp. The options with this lamp make it very appealing but not only that, it has a small surface area and a cool modern appearance which also works with a range of styles from industrial to ultra-modern.

Of course, we needed to also consider that many people have desks that are folding or temporary, not having the space for any bulky or perminant desk options.

The one fire table lamp is battery-operated so doesn't need a plug to be used and it folds away easily and conveniently for those temporary desk setups. Although not my favourite aesthetically, it does work with a range of styles and being white, any colour pallet would work.

So now you have seen these 5 options which one works for your desk set up?


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