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Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2019

Upgrading a kitchen is a big undertaking so if it is a project you are planning soon you’ll want to do your research and discover exactly what the best current kitchen trends in 2019 are.

Kitchen Trends 2019

Trends come and go, however investing in a kitchen is a long term commitment due to the cost and upheaval involved. So whilst I’m talking about the top kitchen trends in 2019 I can assure you that these developments will be popular for some time to come.

Here’s my list of the kitchen trends which I’m seeing more and more of across Pinterest, Instagram and interior design magazines in 2019

Top Kitchen Trends in 2019

1. Mix and Match Kitchens

Kitchens are no longer expected to match. For a long time the all white kitchen was the standard for kitchen design. Following this we’ve seen colour come back into the kitchen, especially with dark blues and now we are seeing a mix and match approach to bring character into the kitchen.

Popular combinations include floor and ceiling wall cabinets in one colour whilst the kitchen island or breakfast bar cabinets and counter top are in a contrasting colour.

Create Perfect contemporary Kitchen Renovation

Image: Create Perfect

In this Create Perfect renovation project the wall cabinets were a smooth gloss cashmere whilst the kitchen island island was a contrasting walnut wood.

Alternatively the lower wall cabinets can be in a contrasting colour to the upper wall cabinets. Additionally designers are adding colour in the kitchen with colour blocks in splash backs and feature walls in bold contrast to the kitchen cabinet colours.

2. The Kitchen Pantry

The pantry or larder is seeing a huge revival. The abundant walk-in storage cupboard is a must have for keeping kitchens organised It is one of the most popular items on the wishlist for kitchen renovators.

Create Perfect Kitchen Pantry cupboard

Image: Create Perfect

This walk-in pantry (above) in a Create Perfect renovation in Solihull features dark walnut wood shelving which contrasts beautifully with the surrounding white kitchen.

Open shelving in the kitchen

Image: Create Perfect pantry interior from a project in the Cotswolds

According the the Houzz kitchen trends survey for 2019 10% of new kitchen renovations are include a walk-in pantry in the layout. Whilst they are incredibly practical they do take up a lot of space so alternatively, according to the survey 30% of new kitchens are including the ever practical pantry cupboard in the plans.

Kitchen pantry cupboard

Image: Brayer Design Pantry Cupboard - Surbiton Grey Shaker Kitchen

3. Open shelving

Open shelving is a great way of adding storage space. Shelves are a quick update which involve minimal expense and can really add character. In smaller kitchens too many wall cabinets can be overbearing so getting rid of a few and adding open shelves instead adds a feeling of space and light into a kitchen.

Create Perfect dark blue kitchen

Image: Create Perfect

They may not be for everyone as some people would prefer to hide away the clutter behind closed doors. If you're not brave enough to have a fully open shelf an open area built into a kitchen cabinet can give a really nice effect.

Image: Brayer Design

If however you like a bit of contrast in your design try rustic wooden shelves next to painted wooden cabinets.

Open shelving made with scaffold board

Image: Garden Trading featuring RAW Scaffold Shelf with Brackets

They can really add style as a nice way to display serving dishes, plants and other decorative accessories. They also make it really easy to see exactly where everything is stored and save you rummaging around for things.

4. Built in pet stations

As I’ve previously blogged about interior design for dogs it is interesting to see it becoming a more prominent trend in kitchen design. Feeding stations and built in beds in areas where you would normally find kitchen cabinets are some of the most popular options.

5. Concrete worktops

The smooth yet rustic feel of a concrete worktop adds an industrial touch to sleek contemporary kitchen design. Whilst it may seem more familiar as an outdoor material, bringing concrete indoors into the kitchen creates a hardwearing surface which really makes an impact. It is a versatile material as firstly it can be moulded into whatever shape you need and secondly you can create interesting colour variations by adding different pigments. The standard grey is by no means the only option. Additionally the finish of the concrete surface can be as rough or as smooth as you like giving you an option to play with textures in your surface.

Image: Burbridge featuring the Otto kitchen in Walnut with a concrete worktop.

Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Contact Gina for a chat about how to get plans for your dream kitchen in motion. I'd love to know what trends have caught your eye in the latest kitchen designs. Let me know in the comments below.

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