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  • Gina Everett

Yorkshire Fabric Shop - A brand we love

When it comes to fabrics, interior designers are notorious for knowing where to go and what to buy. Whether it's commissions for custom furniture design or to add a little touch of uniqueness and personal touch for the client, fabric is something we're generally passionate about.

Earlier this year I was introduced to the Yorkshire Fabric Shop and straight away I knew this was a brand I was going to love.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop are based in the heart of United Kingdom, in Batley West Yorkshire. From here they serve not just locally but nationally and even internationally. With their warehouse fully stocked with upholstery fabrics that are suitable for sofas, chairs, cushions, curtains, beds and whatever else you can imagine, it's quite a sight - for me, one of great pleasure.

They have 1000's of fabrics in stock so delivery is fast. This is great for us interior designers who are usually working to tight deadlines. Another thing I love is that they offer free samples to help you decide on what type or shade of fabric you need before you commit to buying anything online. For anyone designing a home or piece of furniture to go in a space, this is vital. Fabrics, like paint, can change colour in different lights and can be affected by other colours around them, so it's great being able to see the fabric in the space it will eventually call home. And if you're really keen, they welcome customers to visit the mill at the warehouse and touch and see the fabrics in person - well worth a look.

On their site you can find a wealth of information too. The custom creations is fascinating, really opening the eyes to what fabric can be used for. Like their recent blog post which explains a little about the history of upholstering walls and doors in your home idea I would love to look at with a willing client in the future.

The brand seems to care about it's clients and it fabric which as you know, is something we at Create Perfect love in a brand. Having tried and tested the Freedom Printed Velvet Fabric (All Over Jungle Leaf Floral Pattern) in my own living-room I now look forward to using them in projects in the future. The customer service was great and the fabric is beautiful - loved by this lady particularly - but then who wouldn't love a soft beautiful velvet.

If you're interested in knowing about the Yorkshire Fabric Shop or trying some free samples of one of the gorgeous fabrics above please check out their website here. If you're interested in a custom piece of furniture for your space or getting pattern and colour into your room, please let me know at or call 0208 133 0702


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