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Robyn - Living Room

Your Design & 3D's

Living Room Concept

Furniture Board

Robyn FBd.jpg

Furniture Area / Placement

Robyn LAREAS.jpg
Robyn Lplacement.jpg

Design Specifications

Decorative Specification
Furniture Design
Window Treatment

3D Design


Evening Light


Your Design Complete

Your design with Create Perfect is now complete. We will now await confirmation your design works for you and that we are OK to proceed. From here we will begin ordering your items (trade discount where possible). These will be invoiced (with postage or package fees added) in advance and will be arranged for delivery on the days of your installation. All items are in stock as of the date of your design and we can not be held responsible for any items going out of stock between now and the time of ordering.


I really hope you love your final designs and that you are ready to proceed to the installation phase, however, if for some reason there is an element(s) you are unhappy with we can provide alternatives which are charged at £65 per item.  *Please note though: your designer has given all items careful consideration to meet the rest of the scheme and should one item change it can throw the entire look of the room. Likewise, you are free to make your own amendments and order 'off script' but please bear in mind that this may have a significant effect on the over all look of the design on completion and you will need advise your designer not to include this when ordering. 

For styling your space your designer will also bring a number of items not on the list, this could include dressing items, accessories and soft furnishings which are best looked at on site in situ. These can be purchased on the final day direct from your designer. 

We wish you the best of luck with your design installation and look forward to seeing the final rooms so please stay in touch.

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