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Your Living Room


Samantha Bates

Alternative layouts

This option is ideal if you're looking more for entertaining space rather than the desk space. A small fold away desk and chair gives a study area.


Although the work area isn't massive, the room gains a larger area for entertaining and gives all seating great point of view for both the TV and relaxing around the wood burner.


Both seats also have good access to side table space for drinks etc. 

The TV is positioned to minimise glare of sun on the screen as is the work place!  

This design allows us to utalise the alcove from the chimney breast and make more of a usable desk space - possible built in unit with shelving and storage. 

Using this space means the chair is slight less favorable positioned offering a less optional view of the TV although a cosy and still funcational layout with good flow and relaxed vibe. 

Everything is positioned well for lighting and could allows use of the sofa bed and addition of more seating when socialising larger numbers.  

The space feels a lot more inviting here, with the sofa moved back against the wall and the chair placed by the office door instead. 


This was a very good contender for final layout due to the great access and flow of the space, and the TV position to the seating which is very good. 

This was not chosen as the desk does view the TV much is a negative point in my mind and the work area doesn't have very much 'usable' space with the window position. This will limited storage options with in the rest of the space.    

Preferred Layout

The layout chosen has desk space for two in a good position for both access and storage as well as lighting. 

The chair has a good position for everything and gives a homely inviting vibe to the space (additional storage can be added into the alcove). 

The TV positioned in the wall has limited impact on the space and gives a more elegant feel when not being used. 

All seating has good access to the space and the sofa bed can be accessed easily. 

The Concept 
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