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Your Master

Bathroom Layout

Samantha Bates

Alternative layouts

A great view on entering towards twin basins and feature wall.


Shower to the side of basins means plenty of space to maneuver and large walk in shower for luxury. 


The bath placed on the opposite wall balances the design but means there's more 'wet space' as two changing areas? 


Position of tub means easy for TV point and feature shelf for wow factor tap and design area.   

Loosing the bath we have a allowed for a storage wall for towels, cleaning products and possible make up area. 

The wow factor hear, on entering the space, a large double vanity and mirror combination. 

The large walk in shower isn't compromised on light in any way and a seat provides a more luxurious setting and feature with in the enclosure. 

Switching the position of the bath and and shower. This gives a small bath in a great enclosure to produce some great lighting feature but also give a larger open shower for two with seat.


This again means the entire central area is used for 'wet area'. 

Toilet is positioned well in this design as away from view on entering and the feature ahead being the double basin area. 

Bath well positioned for TV and for a towel rail. 

Preferred Layout

The final layout chosen keeps the two seperate areas for changing 'wet area' and the 'facitility area at the other end of the space with toilet and basin. 

This creates a great feature of the bath ahead when entering and connects the bath and shower areas. The bath is well positioned for the sky light above. 

* TV would ideally be placed in the midi wall if possible and if desired. 

The Concept 
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