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Your Master Bedroom


Samantha Bates

Alternative layouts

On entering this space you are greeted by a king size feature bed with headboard dominating the space.


The bed looks at the TV discreetly placed in the wall opposite and has easy access to the bathroom and balcony. 

Behind the bed area is an extension of the wardrobe room with a run of wardrobe along the back wall and dressing area.


Access to the wardrobe is easy from either side of the bed and the dressing area adds so privacy.   

With a less private dressing area, this space is opened up a little and the bed faces the window to embrace the views and light. 

This space is more designed as the guest bedroom or Lauren's bedroom with a double bed and headboard area.

A chair for guests or storage is placed in the dressing area and can also be used as one of the wardrobe can hide either a dressing area or the games area depending on preferred use of the room.

Similar to option one in layout but this room benefits from slightly larger proportions as the bed is a double and not a king size. 

This means we have been able to add a custom seating bench behind the bed. A peaceful place to read or for when getting ready.


This could also work with the wardrobe with being mirrored from or have a hidden mirror inside to work as a makeup area. 

TV still faces the TV and the room provides easy access to all areas of the space. 

Preferred Layout

With this final layout the room boasts a king size bed which faces the large window and takes advantage of the views and features of the room. 

We have opened it up by creating the dressing area off to one side and a run of wardrobes with a larger dressing area.


This means the light will be better through out the space giving an open and airy feel to the space.


 * Thing to consider is the type/position of TV - will budget allow one that comes from ceiling or would you mind one of an bracket on side wall?  

The Concept 
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