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Your Home Office


Samantha Bates

Alternative layouts

Probably the best design if storage is a big factor for this home office. Offering tons of storage including for large items like printers and scanners. 

There is a large desk looking out of the front window and also an additional desk when you first enter the space giving lots of work space.


Additional high shelving for storage of books and papers. Access is good throughout the space and on entering. 

This design offers less in the way of storage which is all at low height under the desks. However, it does offer much more in the way of work surface providing a more spacious feeling (with more light). 

Some small bookshelves on the walls offers interest and lots of natural light will flood through the south east facing window. 

Access is good to the room and to the desk area.

Similar to option two this design has an abundance of work surface with underneath storage and a little on the walls. 

A little unique and quirky touch is a custom window seat to provide a relaxed feel and somewhere to sit to read or for a few minutes change of scenery. 

This could be a strong contender if we added a tall unit in front of you when entering the space - this would allow you to hide away the printer and scanner etc.

Preferred Layout

The best of both worlds here as a larger desk near the window provides a little more work surface where light is best with in the room. The space then still benefits from the storage to hideaway clutter. This is at the back of the room where light is not so good. 

There is then a more comfy seating area for breaking or reading. This will also get good light and inject a relaxed vibe to the room. If this chair is not needed then there is an option for a second desk instead. This will also get more light whilst still feeling quite open. 

The Concept 
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