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Your Snug Room


Samantha Bates

Alternative layouts

Allowing great access and use of the bi-fold doors and therefore views down the garden, the door to the room has been moved and the TV placed on the angled wall. 

If you don't like the sofa angle I have shown that a chair and footstool would work really well with this design. 

Glare may appear on the TV so curtains or blinds would need to be used. This design offers good options on storage and book shelving and good access/flow to all areas. 

Leaving the position of the door, the TV can be placed on or in the wall to the right of the door which works better with the natural lighting. 

Still offering great storage opportunities the let down of the design is only having the one small sofa to maximize the space and still allow access to the doors. 

It has great flow and would be an enjoyable space to use being a relaxed and spacious layout option. 

Taking the seats back up to seat 4+ people we would add another chair (a sofa closes off the doors too much).


This is a relaxed layout with a more formal look and with the TV in the back wall this helps the room appear larger and minimise glare. 

A real contender for the final layout this offers the most seating and a large bookshelf with opportunities for further storage too. 

Preferred Layout

The final layout, whilst it does involve moving the doorway into the space, it offers the most in the way of seating, feels spacious, offers great storage and a bookcase.


All of this done whilst not hindering the use of the bi-fold doors and taking advantage of the views when reading or relaxing with in the space. 

It also minimises glare and the impact of the TV with it's position on/in the wall. 

The Concept 
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