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Top Floor Layout

Deepti Tayal

Option One


  • very open feeling space on entering

  • Lots of storage shelves

  • largest desk option

  • easy access to under bed storage  

  • large feature bath area - people like this

  • vanity storage plus the mirror above

  • good towel rail access from bath

  • looks good with good light in all areas

  • easy access to the sky lights as required 


  • limited on places to incorporate other storage (both rooms)

  • no bedside tables (wall above for lighting) 

  • no shower

  • can only access on side of the bed

Eaves storage all the way along like this would be good - or with doors. 

This is how the bed would look and the space around.

Option Two


  • Great natural light to the desk area (limit shadows)

  • TV can go on wall opposite bed 

  • bedside tables possible (for storage and lights)

  • under-bed storage possible and accessible from side

  • access to both sides of the bed

  • Good feeling of space in the bathroom

  • Vanity and mirror above

  • Possible eaves storage in the bathroom


  • Limited space to move around the room 

  • smaller shower  

  • accessing door to shower needs to be considered due to height folding or sliding door would work OK. 

  • The bedroom is smaller but maybe able to push in to the bathroom.

Option Three


  • Great light for the desk area

  • great access to desk and view on entering

  • possible for more storage

  • great shelving for storage

  • access to under-bed storage

  • good access through the room  

  • large feature shower area

  • vanity and mirror above

  • good light spaces throughout


  • custom shower screen will need to be made. Contact below. 

  • head heights not great in working areas

  • bathroom feels smaller with the larger shower area

  • less room for storage in the bathroom

Option Four


  • TV can go on wall in front of the bed

  • good access to under-bed storage

  • good lighting throughout the space

  • good wall storage (shelving)

  • vanity for storage and mirror above (great lighting)

  • Spaces are well zoned 

  • wet room bathroom has a luxury appeal to buyer

  • storage great in the bathroom and places for more in the bedroom

  • would be a contemporary sleek bathroom matching downstairs


  • Bathroom would need to be wet room 

  • no bedside units or lighting

  • cleaning access to the skylights harder with furniture position

  • bathroom is smaller to allow position of furniture in bedroom

Option Five


  • Addition of a utility room that adds a wall but not full height so doesn't compromise the lighting of the space of living room area

  • Plenty of space for extending table with good access throughout

  • Three seats at the island and no need for halfway as utility zones

  • Possible places for piano within the space

  • Spaces are well zoned (lighting will add to this)

  • Great storage throughout - especially kitchen! 

  • Plenty of light into both areas and large Velux to help with this

  • Cosy separate living room space with plenty of eating options


  • No large bookcase area - could build into alcove if piano not there

  • Smaller door isn't as grander entrance to the open plan area

  • Smaller seating area in the open plan space due to the larger kitchen

  • If using front door - walk from car to fridge is furthest with shopping

My preferred option over all would be option two but I would change to the bathroom in option one. I think option two bedroom has the best use of storage and combine with the bathroom from option one makes the best us of natural light and the skylights for views when bathing, in bed and studying/working. I prefer the look on entering the space and if working with some eaves storage offers the best storage options. The bathroom in option one also offers wow factor but the bathroom two options will work well giving you a good vanity space, good size shower and (if using the eaves storage) plenty of storage. 

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