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The Murphy's 

Open Plan Kitchen/Living

Here are three of the top contenders when investigating your layout. 

Then our preferred layout which ticks all the boxes and more. 


- Can hide tall items in utility area (+washer/dryer)

- None of windows compromised in the space (maximum light)

- Good access to garden from dining when entertaining 

- Good points for TV and for radiators when required 

- Great view over all areas from the sink and work area 

- No hob on the island (as requested) 

- Play area/seating for guests (good light and floor space here) 

- Both morning and evening sun on dining table as used so often 

- Good work surface / prep areas 


- Small utility for maneuvering and storage or laundry sorting

- Kitchen feels bare with no wall units (long and sleek) this may cause acoustic problems which will need to be balanced with materials used

- Cupboards under windows hinder look and lighting 

- Only free space is 3 sets of drawer units 


- Good communication between seating areas and outside 

- Good book and toy storage (well placed also)

- Good overall look to the design on entering for wow factor 

- Four stools at the island (biggest island of all the designs)

- Kitchen dominates the space giving the room a set purpose 

- Each area has it's own zone 

- Space for radiator and set space for TV which can go in wall

- Good light throughout as no window compromised 


- Small utility for maneuvering and storage or laundry sorting

- Prep area is limited to the island and small area around oven 

- Sofa makes navigating the space slightly more awkward than others

- Tall fridge/freezer used to be able to fit everything in the space

- 2 larder style pantry units and 2 sets of drawers are available 


- Good communication between seating areas and outside 

- Great book storage wall (but in dining area?) 

- Good access to outside when entertaining 

- Bigger usable utility area for hiding clutter and housing larger utility items, laundry area with work-space and the freezer. 

- Good access from bin's to either front or back door to take out

- Under cupboard fridge as requested. Triangle with oven and sink

- 2 cupboards, 1 set of drawers in kitchen and one pantry unit free


- Feels like kitchen is in your face on entering

- Storage may not work well for toys and other daily items

- Dining flow considering usage could be better

- Loose one window altogether from the space and one is compromised


Our Preferred Layout


- Largest kitchen of all the designs with a great size (light) utility room 

- Neither sink nor hob are on the island

- Sink overlooks garden and the hob has an extractor (well placed) 

- TV is in a good position for all seating (depending on usage)

- Good play/sitting area with good floor space and communication to all other areas including outside and the kitchen (to watch children).

- Good wow factor view on entering (welcoming and relaxed layout)

- Dining table well placed for light and for the times and amount used

- Utility holds large items,  has work space, storage and washer/dryer

- 3 base cupboards, 3 drawer units, 4 wall units and 2 larder units free


- No actual island  

- 1 window is lost in the room (into the utility) 

- Additional storage is limited but dependent on furniture used. 


Island re-positioned 

I really hope you enjoy getting to know your layout options and that one works out to be the preferred layout for you and your family. To compliment your layout package we also offer a 'lighting package' and a 'detailed kitchen design package' which take your layout one step further looking at the finer details. Or why not combine them both in our extremely popular 3D package.  

If you're interested please don't hesitate to contact me.  Gina

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