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3 Films to watch for gorgeously grand interior design

The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby ilm interior design

Step back to the glamorous 1920’s with Baz lurhman’s version of the Great Gatsby. The interiors brilliantly capture the art deco style of the period. In West Egg Jay Gatsby’s mansion no expense is spared and the result is breathtaking display of the excesses of new money.

Meanwhile Tom and Daisy’s East Egg mansion and Manhattan apartment represent the unattainable status of old money.

leonardo di caprio great gatsby mansion interior design

Luhrmann’s wife Catherine Martin is in charge of production and costume design for most of Luhrmann’s movies. Having won two Oscars for her work on Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby also won an Oscar and a Bafta for Production Design.

The majority of the filming took place in Australia with the Sydney International College of Management representing the exterior of Gatsby’s mansion. The interiors were sets filmed in studios in Australia.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette film interior design

Directed by Sophia Coppola in 2006 Marie Antoinette is the re-telling of the life of the famously ill-fated Queen of France, renowned for living life to excess.

Versailles film interior design

Interestingly the filming took place at the Palace of Versailles in France. The French government gave special permission for filming to take place within the historic palace and gardens which are a UNESCO world heritage site.

Versailles interior design

This gave access to rooms which Marie Antoinette actually used in her life time, some of which are not usually accessible to the public, such as Marie Antoinette’s bedroom.

Notably the wedding scene was shot in the cathedral where she was married.

Additionally the scene where she goes on to the balcony to face an angry mob was the real life location of this historical event.


Atonement film interior

For the adaptation of Ian Mcewans best selling novel, The grand country house interiors were filmed at Stokesay Court. Set decorator found images of the house in the archives of Country life magazine.

Atonement film set interior design

Built in 1892 the victorian manor located in Shropshire was one of the first homes in England to have electricity. At the time of filming the estate was abandoned and had fallen into disrepair. Restoration was needed before the filming could start.

Atonement country house interiors

Stokesay Court is in private ownership, however it is open to the public by appointment when you can visit and tour the rooms used in the film.

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