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  • Gina Everett

5 common bedroom design mistakes and how to fix them

From the furniture to the colour scheme, when it comes to designing and decorating a bedroom, there are many important factors to consider. Like when designing any room, the details will make all the difference in the finished look of the space.

Even the most experienced designers can make mistakes when it comes to bedroom decorating so in this post, we will discuss some of the common bedroom design mistakes and how you can overcome them.

1) Choosing the wrong bed size

One of the most important aspects of any bedroom is the bed and this is where most people make their first mistake. A bed that is too small can feel uncomfortable and leave a room feeling bare like a black hole you can get lost in. Whilst a bed that is too large can take up too much space in the room and give you limited walkways or dressing areas.

To avoid this mistake, consider the size of your bedroom and the amount of space you have available. We would aim to have 90cm around the bed to the sides and base before hitting anything - like furniture or walls. We would recommend making this a little more if there is a door or wardrobe.

2) Choosing the wrong colour pallet for the room

A color scheme is crucial when it comes to creating any space. A comfortable and inviting bedroom is certainly somewhere we want to really evoke a space of calm and cosiness, promoting a clear head and a good nights sleep.

Consider the mood you want to create in your bedroom when designing your room. If you want a relaxing and calming atmosphere, consider using soft neutrals, cool blues or greens. If you want a more energetic atmosphere, consider using brighter colours such as yellows, warm neutrals and deep colours like warm reds or oranges.

3) Not paying attention to lighting

As I am sure you have heard me say before, lighting plays a critical role in creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Many people make the mistake of ignoring lighting altogether when designing the space. It is important to remember to layer lighting ...this may include overhead lighting and bedside lamps but also table lamps and floor lamps if needed for darker corners or long sideboards in larger rooms. You may even like to include candles.

Additionally, remember to not only think about the fitting but to consider the lightbulbs. Ensure you choose something with a warm and inviting colour temperature to create a cozy atmosphere and that you choose prettier filament bulbs where they may be exposed.

4) Forgetting about storage

Another very common bedroom design mistake is not thinking enough about what storage you will need.

Without adequate storage, your bedroom can become cluttered and disorganised which can cause you to feel over-welmed. It will not only affect how fast you fall asleep but also effect the quality of your sleep. To avoid this mistake, look at the amount of storage you actually require for the items that will in the space.

Add a dresser, nightstands, and a wardrobe for your everyday items and clothing. Additionally, you can consider using under-bed storage, boxes on the top of wardrobes or eaves space to maximize storage when you need to store things like suitcases, seasonal ware or bedding.

5) Underestimating the importance of decor and artwork

Art and decor allow a space to be balanced, balancing heavier colours in flooring, adding interest and colour where needed. They help create a comfortable and inviting room.

Consider adding a variety of art and decor to your bedroom. This can mean paintings or photographs, as well as decorative objects like vases and candles. Lastly, of course, I always recommend adding plants to your bedroom to create a natural and calming atmosphere.

Plants help clear the air and promote good sleep.

Hopefully, there is enough here to get you started but if you're struggling to design your new space and would like some help or advice, do get in touch on 0208 133 0702 or


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