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  • Gina Everett

Colour Psychology - Pink in your interiors

Back with our series on colour in interiors, as we approach October, we have taken inspiration from the month's birthstone Pink Tourmaline.

If you have been keeping up with the series you will have heard in our last post on Blue, how as designers, we have an advantage when creating our client’s perfect home. Being able to understand and apply colour theory effectively in spaces to create the desired atmosphere or look.

Colours have the ability to affect more than just the look we are trying to create in a room. They also impact your emotions and often set the mood for the entire house. This is important when we are trying to create rooms to relax in or to work/concentrate.

Pink evokes the feeling of softness. It is a colour that is intrinsically linked to nature and flowers. Psychologically the colour calms us, which is why it is lovely to be in a pink room.

As interior designers Pink is a great colour to use as a subtle glow radiates from pink walls, making both people and furnishings look brighter and more flattering.

I personally love pink's versatility which is often unexpected or underestimated by clients. The soft hues embody cosy and calm vibes perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, whereas the vibrant palettes often seen in fruits, sparks a cheerfulness and joy.

Have you ever heard of the pink effect?

It has been proven that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on nerves - relieving feelings of anger and frustration. This makes it a great choice for children’s bedrooms, offices and even kitchens. Below you can see where we have used a soft pink with whites, for a fresh young girl's bedroom.

a pink girls bedroom with gingham bedding, a grey bling and carpet with white furniture and toddler accessories and decor items
Create Perfect - Girls Pink Bedroom - Abbots Langley

For a more grown-up scheme, you could stay away from the softer, younger-looking pinks and use darker hues where we generally get a more sophisticated scheme. Adding the injection of black or grey into your scheme can have the same effect, grounding the colour and making it feel deeper.

In all, pink is a wonderful colour to work with so highly recommended. Not only can it surprise us but we all look and feel great in a pink room!


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