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  • Gina Everett

Adult lighting based on Animals

Light up your life as the days grow darker... with some quirky lighting! We have gathered a selection of unique and funky lights all based on animals. Animals have a place in most of our hearts and primal elements or items and materials based around the animal kingdom can be found throughout our interiors.

Perfectly at home either standing on a side table or on the floor for some lower-level lighting, "Monty" is a monkey lamp that will bring a great big splash of character to any room. Paired with a frosted globe bulb to give a warm, more subtly, homely feel.

The Monty monkey lamp is available in both black and gold which makes him a great addition to an eclectic interior style. Working equally well with bold colours, strong patterns and quirky pieces of artwork or a more refined, contemporary scheme of neutrals and sophisticated boutique hotel styles.

Slithering up the wall, the Serpentine Sconce’s coiled tail appears as if it may unwind at any moment. This sconce is sure to add a sense of primitive exoticism to any space. This can also be customised in a series of metals or any RAL colour which is a great feature for this luxury product.

Elevate your style credentials with this tactile, dramatic and decadent pendant light. The Glorious Gloria Black Feather Pendant has black feathers with emerald rooster hackle feather highlights that cascade from the exterior of the black feathers.

The super-soft feathers contrast in texture with the gold powder-coated brass frame and central ball chains, both elements super tactile, combining to a create a rich and luxurious lighting feature. The light is trimmed with gold lurex ribbon that sits above the feather garland. A stop-you-in-your-tracks dramatic piece!

The Crazy Flamingo table lamp seduces with its original and refined design. Indeed, placed on a flamingo, the lamp dresses your interior in a chic and contemporary way. The table lamp can be used in many rooms of the house and works well with a number of styles. Not the cheapest of lamps though (gulp).

Make a nautical statement and add a touch of luxury to your decor, I wanted to share this hurricane lantern, cradled by beautifully detailed octopus tentacles. Just add a candle to create a warming glow to your room. Crafted in nickel-plated aluminium and glass it's perfect, for New England, Shabby Chic, Classic Contemporary and transitional styles.

Lastly, we could help put for the little ones. This gorgeous white rabbit night light has a wonderful quizzical expression. He can turn his head to listen to the bedtime story, perch him on a bookshelf, windowsill or side table and he will become a treasured companion. It's a really lovely piece to complete any nursery, kids room or playroom.

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