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Christmas Wreaths

Evergreen Christmas wreath

Christmas wreaths are a longstanding tradition and a sign to welcome guests into your home at Christmas.

The tradition of the Christmas wreath is full of symbolism. The circular shape representing Christianity, eternity and the unending circle of life with no beginning or end. The colour of the evergreen leaves symbolising life in the midst of dark winter. Traditionally candles would be lit on each corner of the wreath to symbolise the arrival of the light of the world.

These days Christmas wreaths are hung on nearly every front door where Christmas is celebrated. Whilst the classic evergreen wreath is still popular, there are lots of different types of wreaths to choose from to suit your decor and personality.

The traditional evergreen wreath

These are usually made from the needles of a Christmas tree such as a fir or pine tree however they can incorporate other evergreen plants such as box tree, laurel or eucalyptus. Have these made to order from a local florist High quality faux flowers and leaves now available mean that you can also now buy realistic everlasting wreaths to use year after year. Alternatively you can attend a wreath making workshop with a few friends. A relaxing afternoon or evening learning some new skills and you get to create your own Christmas wreath for the door.

Be creative with your wreath hanging. Don't just save them for the front door. They look equally good on a wall, window, mirror mantelpiece or even hanging from the ceiling!

Golden lights

There are lots of options if you want to do something a little bit different. Here's an opulent choice from Gisela Graham. Sparkling gold is always Christmassy and will brighten up any room.

Gold Glitter Rosehip wreath by Gisela Graham - £75 from

Pure and Simple

I love the wreaths of florist and stylist Cassandra King. This year there are 8 styles to choose from each named after one of Santa's reindeer, this one is Comet.

This minimalist wreath made from faux antlers would look fabulous in a Scandi style minimalist home.

antlers Christmas wreath

Delicious Dark Decor

For fans of dark decor and maximalist rooms here are the perfect wreaths. This one is vixen with soft black feathers and a contrasting vignette of a pheasant and fruit.

black feather wreath

Finally this is the one to go with those dark interiors of Farrow and Ball Hague blue walls and velvet sofas. A peacock feather wreath by Liberty.

Peacock Wreath by Liberty - £75 available at

Do you have a favourite? Would you choose a modern or traditional wreath for your home? I'd love to hear your comments.


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