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The Fritz Hansen Pot Chair - A Classic Relaunched

Pot Chair Terracotta Orange

Fritz Hansen Pot Chair in Terracotta Orange

If you’re a regular reader of our little blog you might have noticed that I have a little thing for a statement chair. Investing in an iconic chair design brings a piece of history into your home. Whether its a dining chair or an accent chair in the lounge, these designs stand the test of time, hold their value as well as bring an element of timeless chic into your home.

So I was very pleased to receive a press release from with news of another revival of a classic design from the Arne Jacobsen range. Originally designed in 1959 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Pot sat alongside the iconic Egg, Swan and Drop chairs. The hotel is often considered as the world’s first ever design hotel, where everything from the building itself down to the door knobs and cutlery were designed by Jacobsen.

Royal Copenhagen hotel bar

Bar at the Royal Copenhagen Hotel

The hotel has since become one of a worldwide chain with the standard corporate furnishings you’d expect of an international hotel brand. However whilst Suite 606 was always preserved and available to book in the style of Arne Jacobsen’s original design, with the original colours, wood panelling and furniture, design fans will be pleased to hear that this year the hotel has recently been refurbished to restore it to it’s former glory breathing life back into Jacobsen’s original hotel design concept.

In the days of the 1960’s Jacobsen designed interiors at the Royal Copenhagen Hotel the Pot chair originally sat in the social areas of the hotel. The Orchid Bar, Winter Garden and and outside the elevators on each floor.

Royal Copenhagen Hotel Arne Jacobsen

Pot Chair in The Royal Copenhagen Hotel

The chair shares the same soft curves and organic forms as more well known Egg, Drop and Swan chairs, softening the harsh modernist architecture of the twenty storey modernist tower. However for some reason it didn’t receive the same recognition as Jacobsen’s other designs and was soon taken out of production.

Royal Copenhagen Hotel pot chair Arne Jacobsen

Pot Chair in The Royal Copenhagen Hotel

Skip forward 60 years and along with the other iconic chair designs of the Royal Copenhagen Hotel the Pot chair is back in production.

Christian Andersen, head of design at Fritz Hansen says, “ The Pot is the forgotten chair, which deserves a relaunch. I see the chair as one of Jacobsen’s quieter and floating designs - almost like a leaf in the air. The chair is surprisingly comfortable and and spacious and the slightly modified 2018 version of the Pot is a compliment to Arne Jacobsen’s more modest design style and a beautiful example of less is more.”

Pink Fritz Hansen Pot Chair

The Fritz Hansen and Arne Jacobsen started collaborating back in 1934, creating numerous designs together of which most are still in production today and have proven to be timeless icons. With the opening of the the SAS Royal Hotel in 1960, Arne Jacobsen presented a true ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ - a German expression for a total or ideal of work combining several art forms. The hotel project deeply influenced Jacobsen as a furniture designer, heralding the beginning of the a lifetime series of iconic works.

Fritz Hansen Pot Chair in Walnut Leather

Pot Chair in Walnut Leather

The new Pot chair’s modern materials provide improved comfort and playful colours. Available in leather and a palette of exclusive tones reflecting contemporary style. A pale blush pink, colour of the moment terracotta, a mid blue and tones of grey. The colours emerged from a journey through mood boards followed by mixing and matching different threads to end up with the perfect trinity of appealing tones.

Pot Chair palette of contemporary Colours

This chair will sit perfectly in any modern home adding a timeless sense of style from it’s rich design heritage and is sure to become a future heirloom.

Available from

Leather version £2,799

Fabric version £1,272

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