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  • Gina Everett

Getting that 70's Flare

Take a trip back into the 70s this week with these retro-inspired rooms. From Orange hues, funky designs and dark wood, the 70s era was one to remember. Here are some of the key elements and how you can get the look.

Original Style summed it up well with this mood board saying how they are starting to see a return to the experimental glamour of the 1970s! Colour-wise seeing a strong focus on rich, earthy tones like mustard yellow, ochre, olive green, chocolate, caramel, cream and camel with retro-patterned wallpaper and fabrics with big bold motifs.

Featured is The Winchester Tile Company's Classic Olive, Honey and Amber Field Tiles alongside wood-effect Lignum Taupe Natural and Cream Natural.

I usually like to start with something '70s, but not retro, something authentically 70's. Something which screams 70's to really make a statement. I love these vintage game machine cupboards. With inside taken out, this once flashing, musically game has been impressively upcycled bringing back nostalgic memories from the days of pinball and slot machines from the iconic era of the 1950′s to the 70′s - whilst also offering you some useful storage.

Following this, we would look at the key furniture pieces. This would start with a chair or sofa - depending on the room. In the '70s this is where colour would have been added and some of that glamour mentioned earlier.

Velvet was a big hit. You could go for an original piece looking somewhere like Vinterior, you could cover your existing sofa in velvet or a bold 70's pattern or you could look for something modern but reminiscent of the era. The Cricket Sofa from Sofology is a good example.

Sideboards are a great piece of furniture to capture the era, and there are plenty available on the market. You are looking for a piece that showcases the natural beauty of the intricate wood grain. Most woods work. And something that is defined by simple lines and balanced proportions - as you would have found in the new pieces of the 70s.

Habitat - Features the Selwyn Oak Sideboard

As well as furniture, walls are a great place to get in a feature pattern or show off your 70's style. I have mentioned them before, but Mind The Gap do some wonderful patterns wallpapers which we would highly recommend.

Remember where you can, to stick to your colour theme and to not go overboard with the pattern. We recommend no more than three patterns in your room and vary these on the scale of the pattern and the amount of it you use.

Featured - The Mysterious Traveller

If you choose to stick with some plainer wall options or are in rented accommodation and can't make such a bold statement, then a 70's Art Print definitely does the job.

I personally love the star wars themed prints. A New Hope being released in 1977 meant these were all the range. Today you can still get them either as reproductions or a great place to start is Printed Originals. The Star Wars original vintage poster pictured below are from the time of release in the '70s, 100% authentic, no reproductions.

To finish the space you would be looking to add a few choice accessories pieces. If you are looking for a contemporary space with a twist of the '70s then aim to only add 2 or 3 70's pieces. If you're going full 70's flare then knock yourself out!

For lighting something quirky and in fitting to the colour scheme works well. The Lampe à poser, Nesso from Nedgis is a good choice. Plenty of similar items at all budget ranges could be found with a quick google.

For other quirky accessories, easy to purchase as regulars or authentic pieces, I like the GPO 746 Rotary Telephone. It is a Dial Telephone that prides itself on its traditional and authentic look and feel but built-in modern technology. The 1970’s household loved the GPO 746 and this updated design perfectly echoes its no-nonsense, classic style.

And a modernist wall clock 'Mr Davies' by Newgate from England wouldn't go a miss. It have could come straight from a Frank Lloyd Wright home. With the clear rectangular lines of its mahogany coloured wood frame and the classic numerals on a white dial, the vintage clock is a reminiscence to a not so distant time from the Bauhaus era to the 70s.

It has a glass cover and quite unique retro alarm clock hands. It can be hung prominently on a wall but also sit on a mantelpiece or shelf, or could be used as a desk clock depending on the room.

Now knowing some of the key elements in designing with this exciting and vibrant style, we hope you will give it a go. Do, please share your picture on Instagram and we would love to give you a shout out.

Of course as always, if you're struggling to get the style into your home but would love to give it a go - get in touch - our 70's PDF decor pack offers all the help you need to create an interior design level space... including links, a mood board and layout options all tailored to your own space - for £200.

xx Live Beautifully xx


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