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How to choose your house plants to match your interior

Plants are one of the big home trends of 2017. They bring nature and colour into our homes as well as help to purify the air that we breathe. There’s so many to choose from, but as an accessory to a room what do you choose? What’s your houseplant type? Here’s how to choose your houseplants to match your your interior.

Elegant formal homes

It has to be the orchid. Loved by high end interior designers and hoteliers around the world. The elegant white phaleonopsis orchid with it’s slender tall stems and exotic blooms adds a touch of luxury to any home.

Depending on how many stems it has, an orchids cost from around £15 upwards, the same price as a decent bunch of flowers. However whilst the flowers last around a week an orchid will stay in bloom for two months, more if well cared for. Whats more with the correct care they will continue to grow and flower again the next season.

Shabby Chic

For this eclectic style mixes painted antique furniture with pastel colours and floral fabrics it has to be flowers to bring colour and a feminine touch to the room. The style suits country living so growing flowers in pots feels natural for this environment. Place them in decorative plant pots or rustic terracotta.

plants for a shabby chic home

Choose seasonal plants such as spring bulbs of hyacinths, daffodils or amaryllis. In summer miniature roses and begonias. In winter cyclamen and poinsettia.

Hyacinths in a basket

For foliage traditional houseplants such as the peace lily which was popular in victorian times will look authentic amongst all the antiques.

Minimal homes

For a minimal space choose minimal plants. Succulents are small but full of features. Part of the cactus family their leaves can create striking geometric patterns.

Similarly air plants are easy to care for and without the need for a traditional terracotta pot they suit a minimal environment. Glass terrariums on a table-top, wall mounted or hanging make an interesting feature.

wall mounted air plants

Modern open plan home

In a spacious modern home choose large plants which make a statement. Use oversized pots and plants with large leaves to make an impact.

Large pot plants in a home

Agaves, large cacti, yucca and sansevieria are good choices. Their strong architectural shapes complement homes with modern smooth angular interiors.

Rustic Industrial

Houseplants add to the contrast of textures such as exposed brick, industrial metal and smooth wood. Pretty much any type of plant can look good in this setting. This banana tree looks great against these smooth grey plaster walls.

Banana plant

Dark interiors

Dark equals drama. Choose large plants. In victorian times homeowners painted their walls in deep rich colours alongside their dark furniture. Houseplants were also a popular feature. Parlour palms, kentia palms, aspidistra, ivy and peace lily were commonplace. As they tolerate low light these plants are a good choice if your walls are the latest shade of deep navy. For even more drama if you have the space grow an indoor tree. Figs and bananas have large distinctive leaves.

The jungalow

When your home is all about the plants then congratulations you’ve created a bungalow! For plants, here anything goes just as long as you have lots of them. Furniture swaps roles and becomes an accessory to the plants.

Image: featuring Bohemian Hammock £115

Choose the natural textures of seventies style rattan, mid century wood and don't forget the macrame pot hangers!

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