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How to Decorate with Marble

Marble adds a touch of luxury wherever it is in found in homes. Flooring, feature walls and kitchen worktops are some of the most common places you’ll find it. Discover how to decorate your home with marble, a versatile and classic natural material.

Decorate your home with marble

Marble is a stone that’s been used for centuries in buildings and interiors. Across the world it’s found in the world’s most spectacular buildings from ancient Greece and Rome to the renaissance Duomo in Florence and the Taj Mahal in India. For a while marble was considered old fashioned and too fussy for modern interiors. However recently it’s recently become more popular and is reappearing in interiors. It’s a versatile material as it has so many different tones of colour and pattern which work with many different types of decor scheme.

Modern and minimalist schemes are perfect for this sleek and luxurious natural material. In large open plan schemes use as an accent piece or statement wall. This is a great way to add a touch of colour or texture into a room.

In contrast the rich variety of marble colours and textures can also add a more opulent and minimalist touch to your design. Take a look at the wonderful variety of colours in this grand staircase design by Euro Marble.

grand marble staircase by Euro Marble

Image credit: Euro Marble

Using marble as a statement wall makes a feature in this open plan bedroom scheme.

Statement Marble wall in bedroom

Marble in kitchens

Marble is a great feature in a kitchen. Worktops and splash backs are the most common places to decorate with marble in a kitchen. In a white kitchen marble pairs beautifully with with sleek modern finishes adding an element of timeless style.

White kitchen with marble worktop

In this neutral kitchen design the marble is toned to complement the wooden backsplash. It also contrasts beautifully with the white kitchen cabinets.

wood and white marble kitchen

Coloured marble can also add impact to dark and dramatic styles. In this kitchen rich darkly coloured marble adds an opulent touch of sophisticated style to this polished modern design. As every piece of marble is unique you'll find unusual features such as the thick white vein in this backsplash creating a one of a kind design feature.

Dark marble kitchen

If you are looking for a really one of a kind statement piece how about this mint green marble kitchen island. A bold and beautiful mix of natural colour and pattern.

modern kitchen with mint green marble kitchen

Image credit: Euro Marble

If you want to decorate with marble in your kitchen it is worth knowing that it will need extra care. Although it is a tough and durable surface it does need to be sealed to protect it. Marble is susceptible to damage from acids. These are found in food and drinks like tomatoes, citrus fruits, coffee, wine, fruit juice, and vinegar. These can etch into the surface of the marble and cause damage so you need to take extra care when preparing or serving these foods.

Similar you’ll need to use marble friendly cleaning products. Wipe up any spills immediately and for cleaning use a ph neutral cleaner designed for stone with a soft micro-fiber cloth. Avoid any harsh abrasive cleaning products as these can also cause damage.

Marble bathrooms

Bathrooms is another area where marble is often seen. Again it lends itself to all kinds of decor schemes from spa inspired to traditional period bathrooms or sleek mordernist styles. There are many elements of bathroom design where marble is a feature. For example walls, floors, countertops even the sinks and baths themselves can all be made from marble.

Here are some ideas to inspire you to decorate with marble in the bathroom.

This bathroom design mixes modern and traditional themes with candelabra style wall lights next to a very modern style sink. All brought together with a statement dark marble wall.

Dark marble bathroom walls

In contrast this modern spa bathroom uses wall to wall marble to create a light and airy space.

white marble bathroom

Image credit: Euro Marble

If you’re not ready for the full effect of marble walls and floors how about adding an element of luxury to your bathroom with a marble sink.

black marble sink basin

KOI Round Vessel Sink in black marble by Maison Valentina

Marble furniture and accessories

An easy way to decorate with marble add this trend to your home without the upheaval of decorating is to add pieces of marble furniture and accessories. Marble tables are a good investment to add timeless style to your home.

In case you were in any doubt as to whether marble is having a moment in the spotlight right now, take a look at this table. It featured in the Brabbu concept apartment at this year’s Salon de Mobile the world’s leading exhibition for the latest in interior design.

modern marble table

Image Credit: Brabbu Design Forces

Whilst that table might blow the budget this smaller four seater table is a classic investment for a smaller space in your home.

round marble pedestal table

West Elm Silhouette Pedestal Table, £899 available from John Lewis

Here are a few more pieces to add marble style to your home.

marble home accessories moodboard

From top left:

Small White Marble Shelf with Gold Brackets, £45,

Ada 3 Pendant Ceiling Light, £210,

Brown Marble Scape Bowl by Ferm Living available from

TOKKI coffee table, £550,

Upton marble table lamp, £69,


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