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Interior design ideas for conservatories

Interior Design for conservatories

As we are renowned for our English Summers conservatories, garden rooms and sunrooms are a benefit to every home. A wonderful space bringing the garden indoors to enjoy a sunshine when temperatures outside aren’t what you’d hoped for! Here's some design ideas for conservatories to help you add flair to yours and create a fabulous indoor haven.

Furniture design ideas for conservatories

Design ideas for conservatories are determined by how the space is used. Ideally conservatories are designed as a space for dining and/or relaxing. If you have a large conservatory you will be able to do both. To decide where to place your furniture consider access ways in and out of the home through to the garden. If possible try not to restrict access however this can be tricky if you have large bi-fold doors. Create zones and move your furniture in from the access points. Clever design and use of zoning will help you make the most of your space. Zone your furniture around rugs, plants and accessories to create the feeling of an outdoor room.

What's your style?

Traditionally rattan and wicker are most common in conservatory furniture. However with a heated room that you use all year round any upholstered furniture is suitable.

Recent trends in global boho chic offer some great pieces for the conservatory. Hang a hammock to create a laid back boho vibe that looks great in a room full of plants.

Design ideas for a conservatory

Photo - - featuring the Bohemian Hammock in Natural Cotton £115 - 01305 231231

Alternatively stick with the ever popular scandi style and incorporate elements of clean cut boxy design into your room.

Modern conservatory furniture

Photo - - featuring the Scandi Style Rattan Tub Chair in Olive Green - £249 - 01305 231231

Don’t forget accessories. It is likely that you have only a small amount of wall space as most vertical space will be glass, however pictures or mirrors bring character into a room. Decorative accessories placed on shelves or occasional tables as well as cushions on the sofa add colour and texture to the room. In a room full of plants, instead of flowers as you may have in other rooms place a flowering plant on the dining table for a homely touch.

Lighting ideas for a conservatory

Traditional chandeliers look great in conservatories. Especially if they have elements of nature such as leaves or flowers in their design. Lamps on console or side tables add a decorative touch.

It’s also an opportunity to have some fun with lighting. Hang party lights and fairy lights which twinkle against the night sky and look really pretty amongst plants.


As a way of bringing the outdoors in, plants should be a significant feature in your conservatory. Temperature is the main factor in deciding what to grow. Most plants which are hardy outdoors will thrive in a conservatory. It is also a great place to overwinter tender plants such as geraniums, or citrus trees as you would in a greenhouse.

Plants for a conservatory

Tropical plants will need heat over winter so check how hardy plants are before buying. Unlike other rooms plants needn’t be confined to pots in corners. Hang plants from rope baskets. In addition climbers make a great feature of a conservatory. You can even grow grapes. The vines will provide shade as well as fruit in the late summer months.

Keeping your conservatory fabulous

As conservatories are seasonal rooms they sometimes suffer neglect through the winter months. If you need a spruce up a local window cleaner will have the glass panes and roof shining in no time. Regularly check woodwork for signs of wear and tear and touch up small dinks in paintwork. Most conservatories have tiled floors so start the conservatory season with a thorough clean, wax and buff. The tiles will come out clean and shiny and with a protective barrier from the season's wear.

For more ideas about how to spruce up your conservatory contact us for a consultation.


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