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5 Ways to get Japandi Interiors in your home

Combining the minimalist aesthetic of both Japanese and Scandinavian home design Japandi interiors is a trend that first appeared about a year ago in furniture collections and magazines. It continues to grow in popularity and I still see lots of reference to the trend in new collections so let's take a look at Japandi interiors and how to get the style in your home

The Japandi interiors trend takes the modern simplicity of Nordic design and pairs it together with the beauty and timeless elegance of Japanese style. Whilst the two styles have much in common it is the contrast of their design traditions that create the features of the beautiful rooms that identify with this trend.

Here's how to get the Japandi look in your home

1. Declutter

If you are fan of busy interiors with lots of accessories or bright colours then this is not the trend for you. Think simple minimalist rooms where the form and function are the features. Pieces of well chosen statement furniture are the focus of the room. Accessories are few and well crafted, often traditionally styled or classic design pieces such as traditional ceramics or wooden ornaments.

2. Add some colour to your home

Whilst Scandinavian homes are known for their bright white and neutral interiors accented with natural woods. The Japandi trend brings contrasting colour from a traditional Japanese palette of rich reds, pinks blacks and navy blue.

Mind The Gap Japanese inspired wall covering

Image: Mind The Gap featuring Tie Dye wallpaper in indigo - £150 per roll

This wallpaper by Mind The Gap features a traditional Japanese tie-dye technique and looks great paired with a mid-century Scandinavian style armchair

If you are a fan of dark decor but love minimalism the Japandi trend is a way to get the best of both worlds. Using stronger tones of colours on the walls and large furniture such as sofas and chairs adds depth to a room.

Christy Japanese stye luxury bedlinen

Image: Christy featuring the Haruki Bedlinen set in Ochre

Textiles are a great way to add colour and pattern to a large space in a room. Use patterned textiles inspired by traditional Japanese prints, ceramics and fabrics such as kimonos.

3. Well crafted wood

Scandinavian design traditionally uses pale woods in furniture whilst in Japanese furniture we see darker woods and lacquered furniture. In both styles traditional craftsmanship, form and function create beautiful statement pieces. With an emphasis on minimalism, statement pieces of well designed furniture create the focus in the room rather than having many decorative accessories.

Japanese design influence chair

As well as furniture wood also features in Japanese homes in bamboo and wicker used for flooring, lampshades, blinds and room dividers which all add a natural warmth to a room.

Japandi interior design

Another feature is furniture that is low to the ground as it is in traditional Japanese homes

4. Bring nature indoors

Bringing the outdoors in to celebrate natural form is also a common theme. As well as wooden furniture the natural textiles of cotton and wool feature in Japandi interiors.

Japandi style

Image: featuring Vox Nature Table £145

Greenery and plants provide a simple way to accessorise in a pared back scheme. Again less is more and single stems and foliage more reminiscent of the Japanese floral art of ikebana work better than bold and bright floral arrangements.

5. Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. In this room a Japanese style lamp sits perfectly alongside some classic mid-century Scandinavian Design pieces

Scandinavian style home

Image: featuring the Vitra Akari 10a Floor Lamp

If you are working with your existing neutral decor adding richer colours to existing schemes and changing up textiles to add elements of traditional Japanese pattern is easily done.

If you are starting a room from scratch search out a few well crafted statement pieces to be the focus of the room. Overall the enduring design style of this trend is easy to achieve. If you are looking for some more ideas here’s some items to add to your list.

Japandi Style Furniture

Clockwise from top left:

Akari 16a Suspension Light from - £555

Zuiver Travis Drinks Cabinet from - £1,479

Vitra DCW Eames Plywood Chair from - £1,170

Vitra Noguchi Coffee Table from - £2,020

Broste Copenhagen Ceramic Vase in Smoked Pearl from Amara - £45

Fritz Hansen Grand Prix Chair from - £518

Tokyo Solid Oak Console Table from Oak Furnitureland - £349


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