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Is Maximalist Interior Design for you?

is maximalist decor for you

So Maximalism is making a come back - but what does this mean? Quite simply Maximalist is the opposite of the Minimalist.

Minimalist interior design is all about clean uncluttered spaces formed from a life that is lived efficiently from possession of fewer material items. Where as Maximalism is about having it all. All the colour, the pattern all the things of life all in one place, all to be admired.

The best interior design is always a balance between space, form and function. Whilst with a maximalist room it may seem like all the rules have gone out of the window, there’s always some rules in place to make these complex rooms work.

Is maximalism the interior design style for you? Ask yourself these 5 questions and to find out.

Do you hate to see plain walls?

You’ll never see a plain wall in a maximalist home! And if you love the feeling of space that you get from plain white walls then this is not for you.

Walls are covered with colour, patterned wallpaper, artworks or preferably all three.

Do you love colour and pattern?

When I say this I don’t mean a colour theme in a room or patterned fabric accents on cushions and other textiles but an all over celebration of colour and pattern. This features in layers over walls, fabrics and furniture. The more patterns the better!

Are you a collector?

Whether it’s artwork on the walls or objects on shelves, a display of a collection of treasures is a sure sign of a maximalist home. The collection maybe highly valuable antiques or artwork or just kitsch and colourful things you love. It all adds to the layers of visual interest that are key to maximalist design.

This home owner's display of books, photos and vintage globes fill this New York apartment with colour.

Maximalist Home

This image is an artist's home that features in our blog on artists homes to rent on Air BnB. Click through to see more of this eclectic home.

Is your dream home a castle or palace?

Painted wallpaper, velvet drapes, panelled walls and marble floors. Do these feature on your design wish list. Whilst you may not be living in Buckingham Palace there are certainly elements of your interior design style that are taken from the world’s finer homes.

Chandeliers, hand painted walls and dramatic drapes make an impact in this room. Other features you might expect to see include panelled walls, gold fixtures and fittings and statement furniture

Do you love a mix of Antique, Retro and Modern?

You're not afraid to mix it up and can find a place for things that wouldn't normally be seen together.

This antique style chest of drawers is given a modern makeover with a bright pink colour to match the artwork which sits over the retro mid-century wall paper design.

Get the look

Is maximalism a style for you or are your tastes simpler? Let us know in the comments below. If you are a fan here are some key pieces we've found to help you get the maximalist look in your home.

Maximalist interior design Moodpboard

Clockwise from Top

Zebra Wall Vase from £30.95

Lotus BP Wallpaper from Farrow and Ball

Windsor 3 Seater Sofa in yellow velvet from DFS £1,399

Burnham Stripe Armchair by Joules at DFS £1,089

Arcade Trapeze Cushion - A by Amara £20.00

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