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Mid Century Modern Interiors at the Movies - 3 Films to watch

A Single Man

This film is directed by fashion designer Tom Ford. The production designer Dan Bishop and set decorator Amy Wells are also renowned for the creating the sets of TV series Mad Men which is widely acknowledged to have rekindled an interest in mid century modern interiors and fashion following it’s launch in 2007.

Mid century modern interior A single man

The film is based on the 1964 novel by ­Christopher Isherwood and follows a single day in the life of an unhappy single man.

Maximalist mid century interior

The film stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore and features gorgeous interiors throughout.

Down with Love

The main character Barbara Novak's apartment is a candy coloured sixties dream come true in this romantic comedy. Just look at those classic Eero Sarinen pink chairs.

Classic sixties interior design

In contrast the Batchelor Pad of Catcher Block, successful writer and notorious ladies man features more masculine elements such as angular design, smooth tiled wall and earthy tones of polished wood.

Sixties batchelor pad - Down with love

The Graduate

Unlike the first two films this film was made in the sixties. The interiors are authentic to the period rather than a stylised view of the era.

It tells the story of a college graduate seduced by an older woman who then falls involve with her daughter. Mrs Robinson's home features many of the hallmarks of the era. The bar stools are a classic Eero Saarinen design and just look at that shag pile carpet!

If you're a fan of movies with fabulous interiors check out our blog on other films to watch featuring fabulous stately homes and grand interior design.


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